MAC’s Cinderella


Cinders has never been my favourite. I’ll just open with that. Against all odds – honestly, there are FABULOUS crystal shoes in the story – I am not that fond of this princess. Even the villains are a bit dull.

I am definitely more an Aurora girl – and Maleficent, of course. But let’s put that aside.

Now, I am a MAC fan, and always will be. Most of my basic make up is from there and has been for the past 10 years, but I’ll tell you why I am not rushing to get any of the items in this collection.

The colour palette is a bit dull. The eye colours remind me too much of Naked 2 and 3 with some purple thrown in for good measure.


I mean, it is very pretty, don’t get me wrong, but in the past couple years, so much has been done on the nude front.

I know it is periwinkle inspired (and that is a lovely shade, must I add), but the packaging for me, is a a bit the kind I’d expect on play makeup for 5 year-old girls.

If I have to pick an item, I would possibly go for one of the pigments – well, I do love a pigment and the colours are quite decent.

Maybe the fault lies with Cinderella herself; pretty as she is, there isn’t much variety in this princess’ palette to get that creative – maybe the brash colours of the stepsisters? Pumpkin-orange? I am not sold.


I can’t really see anything different or innovative to get me that excited. Overall, a bit dull. Apart from the names – they are a lot of fun!!!

No doubt it will fly off the shelves as a MAC x Disney collaboration is always popular, but, sorry, princess, I’ll pass this time.

If you want, keep you eyes peeled – it will be available from the end of this month online and in-stores from early March.

The film – which I probably won’t pass on – is released in mid-March.

What do you think? Is this collection for you?


8 thoughts on “MAC’s Cinderella

  1. I really like the colors in this collection – they’re super wearable, and so pretty! I could see myself using everything in this set. However, I must agree that the packaging is awful and so cheap looking.

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    • They are very wearable indeed. I see lots of people buying it because of that. But for me, nothing I don’t have as in the last two years we had sooooo much nude lines coming out – it was pretty much all we saw, hehehe!
      And yes, I share the feelings about the packaging.
      Let me know if you get anything 🙂
      Thanks for visiting and commenting.
      Dani x

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    • I can only hope they do. It is a lovely colour, but it has been done so much as kids toys that it just looks like that to me.
      I will prob go to the shop to take a look – again, prob won’t be able to as collabs sell out sooooo quickly, hehe
      Thanks for visiting and commenting!
      Dani x


    • Now that you said it, I think it is the same for me. Haven’t been excited about launches. I still use their foundation, powder and concealer – all the staples – and I have my fave eye shadows I can’t leave without, but yes, the launches are not the same.Agree with you.
      Thanks for visiting and commenting.
      Dani x

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