Review: All That Jazz Bee Bar Lotion

All That Jazz Bee Bar Lotion

The All That Jazz Bee Bar is a solid lotion bar. This little round bar comes in a lovely tin that is perfect to carry in the tiniest of handbags.

The solid bar warms up in contact with skin giving out a creamy oils and butters that sink into the skin when massaged, nourishing and softening it.

I tried the Lavender one. The beeswax smell is quite prominent and I love it; the lavender is quite subtle and of course, quite relaxing.

All That Jazz Bee Bar Lotion

It is quite rich, so I find it perfect for hands, elbows, knees and heels, especially before bed. It doesn’t rub on fabric.

This completely waterless lotion contains shea butter, golden jojoba, and packed with natural anti-oxidants. For being highly concentrated, it lasts quite a bit – it doesn’t dry or loses fragrance.

Apart from Lavender, there are other 5 fragrances: Citrus, Hawaiian, Natural, Sweet Honey, Spring Meadow and Vanilla.

The All That Jazz Bee Bar Lotion comes in two sizes; the medium (17g) sells for £7.99 and the large (57g) for £14.99 and you can get it from the All That Jazz website. They also do Lip Butters and amazing professional nail colours!



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