GOSH Forever Lip Shine

GOSH Forever lip shine

Last year, I fell in love with GOSH’s Lip Lacquer. This year, they did it again and I am head over heels with their brand new lip product, Forever Lip Shine.

Like a lip pencil, or a crayon, this lovely little thing gives you amazingly intense colour that is not drying and long lasting.

GOSH Forever lip shine

It is very pigmented, like a lipstick. The “finer” tip, if compared to other lip crayons, is great for application precision, making this very practical as you can apply quickly, without a liner – in fact, you line your lips with it – and still maintain precise lines.

What I really love, on the gorgeous My Valentine a rich red and the Magic Monday an orange-red, is the slight sparkle. Barely visible, it gives the lips a tiny bit of shine that catches light, adding dimension.

gosh forever lip shine swatches These two are definitely my favourites.

It feels matte, behaves matte in terms of durability but has a certain sheen to it, usually an effect achieved with multiple products. Lovely.

It comes in ten fantastic shades – from nudes and light pinks to oranges and reds; really, a colour for everyone.

Fluffy Feeling is a surprise colour for me, I’ve been using it a lot. It is a beautiful vintage pink, but you can certainly see it is there. It has a lustrous finish and feels moisturising on the lips.

Spring Fling is also right up my street, a pinkier red. Great colour, it is really spring encapsulated – fresh and bright.

Sweet Moments is a very discreet, very close to my nude tone. It gives my lips uniform colours and sheen. Very natural and enhancing, as if I had nothing on.

Honestly, I’ve been wearing them all an awful lot!

There are 10 lovely colours in total; they are paraben-free and are available from Superdrug for £6.99 each. Bargain.


This post contains PR samples. This review, however, is based on my experience with the product and reflects my honest opinion on them.

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