Review: Seekers of the Sun metallic tattoos


I first noticed metallic tattoos about a year and a half ago… there weren’t many around but seeing some girls in Vegas wearing them in August really made me want to wear some.

Well, for Spring/Summer15, there is no shortage and Seekers of the Sun is a great choice amongst so many.

These tattoos are designed exclusively by the brand owner and they are of very good quality.

I tried the Jasmin midi ring sheet and loved it. I used dots all down my back (which my lovely boyfriend applied a bit wonkly) and it was a hit.

This design is full of designs perfect for doubling up as midi rings, but they also make perfect small designs for wrists, side of the arms, shoulder, ribs, or even create a bracelet – why not? Very versatile.

I also used other at various times but forgot to take pictures. I blame on the fact I am always running late to go out so the pics suffer!


Application was easy. After removing the film, applying it to skin and wetting, the paper comes off naturally after a while and the design is very safe in place.

It lasts all night, next morning they were still very much in place. I’d say after that they start to wear out.

For me, it is a one day/night accessory, and it suits me fine.

A sheet of the Seekers of the Sun tattoos costs £13, which is good value, as it is quite a big one!

Apart from the Jasmine Midi Rings, There are many designs available to choose from, a mix of silver, gold, rose gold and black and you can browse them on the Seekers of the Sun website.

Also, the lovely girls from Seekers of the Sun are available for events, to make your guests preciously tatted!


This post contains PR samples. This review, however, is based on my experience with the product and reflects my honest opinion on them.


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