Review: Nivea Sun Protect & Refresh

nivea_sun protect & refresh

This summer, Nivea Sun is bringing a fabulous campaign to educate people on sun screens, which we all know is very important but sometimes gets neglected.

And I got to put some of the Nivea Sun range products to the test!

After an extremely informative presentation from the Nivea HQ science folks, talking about sun rays spectrum, extent of damage and barrier types, I just could not wait to try the new products on the range.

nivea_sun protect & refresh

And I started with the their new Protect & Refresh range, which I think is a massive help on the re-application front. Its instant refreshing effect will make you want to apply it all the time!

This innovative formula is enriched with menthol, which stimulates the cold sensation and giving us a cooling feeling on application.

I am a big fan of cooling sprays while on the beach/pool and marrying the SPF, so essential, to the luxury of cooling, for me, is genius!!!

The Invisible Refreshing Sun Spray has UVA/UVB filters with immediate protection, continuous spray action that produces a mist that ensures a lighter layer of product, with no stickness or whiteness and – this is my favourite – the special 360 degree valve that allows spraying from all angles, even upside down! Hello fresh and protected back and back of the legs!!!

The mist is indeed super fine, non-greasy and absorbs quickly. It feels great on the skin and the cooling effect is a very welcome addition, especially when reapplying; although it has menthol, it is not stingy. You do want to reapply more often to cool down!

Plus, you have that Nivea smell, that for me is just the smell of holidays! And you know you can trust Nive to look after your skin.

Their campaign, “Take Care Out There”, shows us how the sun sees you, with the help of UV cameras. We can see sun damage and the amazing effect of simply putting sun screen on our faces. When you see the damage and see the barrier, you are certain to slap that cream in there.

This summer Nivea is working extra hard to educate people about sun protection, and not only when they go on holidays: even in the UK where mega sunny days are quite rare – it might be grey, but the are still coming through and will cause damage! The infographic below is a good picture of it and offers great tips.

nivea sun

The Nivea Sun Protect & Refresh range has four products: apart form the the Invisible Refreshing Sun Spray (RRP £15.99) and Cooling Spray (RRP £15.99), reviewed here, it has the Refreshing Sun Lotion (RRP 13.99) and the In-Shower After Sun Refreshing Soothing Lotion (RRP £6.49).

You can browse the extensive Nivea Sun range on their website.


This post contains PR samples. This review, however, is based on my experience with the product and reflects my honest opinion on them.

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