Review: lottie London Lacquer Twist Pot nail polish remover

lottie_london Many a times I expressed my love (yay, prett, sparkly!) and hate (aaargh, can’t take it off!) relationship with glitter nail polish and new kid on the beauty block lottie London is offering us a helping hand when dealing with that..

The lottie London Lacquer Twist Pot nail polish remover is a godsend especially to tackle stubborn glitter polish, but also super handy for effortless nail polish removal.

This little pot contains a super soft sponge inside, with a hole in the middle. All you gotta to do is stick your finger in there and wait a bit to be rid of nail polish.

For glitter, it does take a bot longer and I recommend twisting a bit. Still, much easier and quicker then traditional scrubbing nail polish removal.


The remover solution does not dry nails and the sponge inside is super soaked. The only thing, as with all dip-in nail polish removers, is that you might need to get in the nail corners with a cotton wool for precision removal.

Overall, a really nice product that makes nail polish lovers lives much easier!

lottie London is a new beauty accessories and nail brand that landed on Superdrug in March. They have a great line of tools, from makeup brushes to nail files, plus 60 more than fantastic nail colours.

The lottie London Lacquer Twist Pot nail polish remover costs £6.99 and can be found at selected Superdrug stores and online.


This post contains PR samples. This review, however, is based on my experience with the product and reflects my honest opinion on them.

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