MAC x Philip Treacy


I do love a collab and MAC has let me down with that Cinders business but got close to making up with Toledo… now, this is something to be excited about: MAC x Philip Treacy.

It is also no secret I love the man, 1/3 of the holy fashion trinity Isabella – McQueen – Treacy. To me, the fact he releases all that creative genius into hats is just fabulous – I do have a soft spot for hair pieces, and we are very much spoiled for choice on the clothes front; in millinery, not many inspire and make such the impact of Treacy, Yes, I am a fan.

So what about the collection? After making a living of framing faces with his creations and working with iconic designers – Lagerfeld, Valentino, and of, Alexander McQueen, Treacy is no stranger to makeup. Furthermore, he has very strong ideas of what “decorates” faces well and how to get there.

Add that to the fact he thinks of MAC as the fearless “punks of the makeup world” (although for me, they did lose a bit of their street cred on that front after Cinders), bright colours and voilá: one fierce collection comes out.

Extra bit of love to the fact Treacy designed three hats that emphasise a specific part of the face the products are meant to highlight – cheeks, eyes and lips take center stage to balance the exquisite head pieces.

Betting on electric pinks and blues and plenty of opulence, the 12 item collection will reach UK shops soon.


In it, three gorgeous lipsticks – yellow burgundy red (satin Cardinal), magenta berry (satin Hollywood Cerise) and yellow hot pink (matte No Faux Pas) to pucker up.

For the eyes, three fluidline gel eyeliner, mainly popping blues – a bright flat teal (Blue Peep) and a royal blue (Royal Wink), as well as the fave (cheating) Blacktrack and mega pretty metallic pro longwear reflects antique gold (Genuine Treasure) and platinum silver (Chrome Angel) paint pots.

Probably the jewel in the crown – two stunning shades of highlighting powder with art-deco design (swoon): light pink with silver overspray (Blush Pink) and champagne with silver overspray (Nude Pink).

There are also two other cheats : a mascara (false lashes extreme black) and a brush, the 127 split fibre face brush.


I do have my eyes on the Nude Pink highlight powder. Too pretty! ❤

I will close with a statement that really sums makeup for me, from the man himself: “It’s transformative, makeup. You can be a different person(…)”. Well. Just.

The collection launches in the UK on the 16 April, but is already out in the US – with my highlighter SOLD OUT. Ugh.


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