Review: lottie London Lacquer Twist Pot nail polish remover

lottie_london Many a times I expressed my love (yay, prett, sparkly!) and hate (aaargh, can’t take it off!) relationship with glitter nail polish and new kid on the beauty block lottie London is offering us a helping hand when dealing with that..

The lottie London Lacquer Twist Pot nail polish remover is a godsend especially to tackle stubborn glitter polish, but also super handy for effortless nail polish removal.

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Review: lottie London Powder Power and Conceal It makeup brushes


The tools are as important than the materials themselves, I always say.

New brand lottie London comes in to help make that task not only effective, but fun with their colourful makeup brushes – and I tried the Powder Power and Conceal It brushes.

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