H&M Beauty, revamped

Image: H&M

Image: H&M

I say about time! H&M is finally stepping up their beauty game. Sara Wallander, concept designer at H&M Beauty says it will be “fashion for the face”. I salute you and look forward to that!

I always looked at H&M beauty items as a bit of a limp proposition – just to tick the box, more than anything.

Image: H&M

Image: H&M

Everyone is at it: New Look, Primark, even Poundland. That’s without mentioning the HUGE success of Topshop beauty.

Now, I really like H&M and am happy to see a decent line – start with the packaging – they mean business.

Image: H&M

Image: H&M

There will be 700 products covering makeup, hair care and styling, nails and body. On top of a standard line, there will be a premium and also an ecological.

Designated beauty areas will be created in more than 900 stores worldwide when the line launches, in the autumn (around September), and we will be treated to a permanent, as well as limited edition collections.

Image: H&M

Image: H&M

Cannot wait to dip my finger into the products, and hopefully they won’t just be well priced, but with good quality to follow suit on H&M’s value for money!



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