Review: MAC Wash & Dry Morange lipstick and Freshen Up Highlighter

mac wash & dry collectionI am a sucker for packaging. Now that is out of the way, let me tell you about the two items from the MAC Wash & Dry limited edition I bought.

Sucker no1 here succumbed to a lipstick and a highlight powder. It could’ve been worse.

mac wash & dry collection

The first if the Morange lipstick, which is a permanent colour in MAC’s collection, so nothing limited edition about it. Except….. the packaging. Ooooh, how pretty you are, a metallic rainbow of love and happiness (I told you I was a sucker).

Morange, a beautiful Amplified vivid orange, has been on my to buy list forever. Many a times I got so close to taking it home, only to favour yet another red. Not this time.

mac wash & dry collection

I love orange tones on my skin colour, so this is no different. In fact, I thought it would be brighter than it is.

Very happy with purchase. As with any MAC amplified lipstick, it has a creamy texture between matte and lustre. Durability is pretty good for the texture.

mac wash & dry collection


The Freshen Up highlight powder is downright pretty. I am not embarrassed to say I didn’t even try the colour, I just bought it because it looked gorgeous. Judge me, but the pearlised overspray hooked me in big time. So shiny.

It has a gradation of three shades, from pastel banana through fuzzy peach to mid-coral. This product, even though it is called a highlighter, is a cross between that and a bronzer.

mac wash & dry collection

After the pretty golden overspray is gone (booooo) you are left with a pleasant mix of light colour that, amazing, gives you the “well polished with a sheer veil of colour that blends effortlessly into the skin” final look MAC describes on their website. I apply in the same places I’d put a bronzer, after creating the skin base.

Extremely pretty, it is something I could possibly do without, but it does deliver on the “polished finish” front. Especially at this time of the year, when I am not yet bronzed, it delivers that healthy glow.

mac morange lipstick

I blogged about the collection when it came out and at this point, although it is worth checking in the shops, it might be sold out. You can, however, still get Morange in normal packaging! There’s some hope.


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