My gym friend: the bkr glass water bottle (review)

bkr bottle - bambi Maybe you find weird that my beauty blog is talking about a water bottle. Eh? Ok… let me explain. bkr arrived recently in the UK and is placed in the Selfridges beauty department. More than that, when I found out about the brand, I just knew it was the perfect fit!

Hydration is the key to beauty, we know that. And bkr says it will change the way we hydrate forever. Quite the statement. I met the company founders,Tal Winter and Kate Cutler at the Selfridges launch and was dazzled by their vitality and passion. They are cool women that left big law jobs to invest in their passion – a water bottle.

Also, they can talk for hours, and I am more than at home with that. Tired of filling the environment with unglamorous plastic bottles, they decided glass was the way – to love, to keep and hydrate. bkr bottle - bambi Now, I love all the talk, but does it make you drink more? I put it to the test when I had a two-day course, a situation where I usually forget to drink water. I took my super pretty Bambi bkr and was surprised by my findings. Having the bottle there made me reach for it. A lot.

And although I resist to think that is because it is so pretty and you notice it a lot, I think it was. My Bambi looks lovely in the gym, in the office, everywhere. It is slightly heavier than a plastic bottle, but it is so much nicer. bkr bottle - bambi I confess I didn’t think I was going to buy into it, but I did, like Gisele, Blake, Charlize, Jessica Alba, Reese, Miley, Leighton and so many others…. yes, bkr has a star following in the USA.

It is very practical and I kinda grew attached to it – is this weird? Plus, it does look oh-so-pretty *flutters eyelashes*. So the glass bottle, with a normal size neck comes inside a durable silicon sleeve which is super soft to touch but also very grippable. And easy to wash.

You can take the sleeve off by sliding it off; I did find sliding it back in a bit harder. The lid is great to hold and fits perfectly. Maybe I’d suggest, as a small improvement, that it is attached (not permanently) to the bottle as I dropped it a few times.

Here’s Bambi in action:

It is now living in my gym bag and going with me to the there and to the aerial hoop studio, but it does make quite a few special appearances in other occasions – I use a lot when working from home.

bkr is now available in the UK, in Selfridges, at the magnificent Beauty Hall for £28. The colours with no heart on cost £25, which for me is a bit on the expensive side, but I am getting a lot of wear out of it.

For more info on the company, the lovely founders and the product itself, check the bkr website.

You can also check out the changes I have been making to my diet.

This post contains PR samples. This review, however, is based on my experience with the product and reflects my honest opinion on them.

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