All round manicure tools: Stylfile Infuse review

stylfile byt tom pellereauHave to say to start with, I was a bit sceptical about Stylfile, after all, I used nail files most of my life and they seemed to do the job just fine.

I was happy to give the new Stylfile Infuse – a moisturising nail file – a go. Could it be much better than a normal file?

stylfileAdmittedly, the shape of the Stylfile does help in the shaping of the nail. The curve just fits perfectly and my achieving a symmetrical, pretty shape is much easier that with conventional files.

The file itself is of a very good quality, does not crumble and even the rougher bit has smooth grains, which provide effective, snag free filing.

stylfile infuseThe fact the Infuse carries a nib that dispenses almond oil is great. After filing – the professional grade nail file has a rough and a smooth side, take the little lid off the nib, press the button at the end of the “pen” and apply it to the nails.

One click is enough for five nails and you can remove the file head to reveal a cuticle pusher.

stylfile by tom pellereauThe file head is interchangeable and the pack comes with two extra. Depending on usage, each file could last 3 months and there is enough oil for a year!

stylfile maniproI also tried the Stylfile ManiPro, which is a curved buffer, with the four steps for buffing, one on each side. It does follow the nail shape, making the job easier and reaching the whole nail, opposed to just the middle, like conventional cube buffers.

If you take it apart, it reveals a cuticle pusher and a neater, which personally I don’t have a use for, as I trim my cuticles.

stylfile 2Finally, I also tried the more conventional Stylfile 2, a new version of the original Stylfile. Same good nail file but what I really like is that it comes with an under-nail skimmer which I like using to pull out the bits that stay behind after you file (and not dirt, but it could be!).

stylfile5Overall, a nice range of nail files – they are all durable and the pioneering curved design is rather pretty.

Here it is, in action – this day I used all three, hehe – buffed with the ManiPro, filed with S-File 2 and applied oil with Infuse – but I also used them separately in several occasions!

Tom Pellerau, the inventor behind Stylfile, rose to fame at as the winner of Lord Sugar’s The Apprentice, getting backing for the files, devised when watching his sister struggle with nail shaping, and bringing them market in 2012. Since then, the range has grown immensely!

Infuse costs £12.99 and comes with 2 spare files; S-file2, £4.49 and the ManiPro, £8.99. They can be purchased from the Stylfile website, where you can also find other options, including handbag-ready files, pedi kits and gift boxes.

While at it, you can check out all my nail art!


This post contains PR samples. This review, however, is based on my experience with the product and reflects my honest opinion on them.


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