To bra or not to bra

Janet agent provocateur

The bra – often an outfit’s unsung hero – has been under fire recently.

Turns out that our always supporting friend could be not that supporting after all. A French study shows some evidence that bras are actually sagging our breasts more! Shock, horror.

Professor Jean-Denis Rouillon from the University of Franche-Comté says that his studies, involving of 330 women between the ages of 18-35 over the last 17 years, show that wearing the garment could actually make the nipples drop 7mm more per year (!!!) than if not wearing it.

Apparently breasts will not develop support tissue when a bra is worn, thus sagging quicker. On top of that, some of the participants also said their posture was improved and they were breathing better.

Although he found evidence that bras don’t help keep our breasts perky, Professor Rouillon said he would not advise straight away that we all go bra-less.

I am not sure how I feel about this one; I certainly welcome removing that restriction, but I don’t know if I could adopt it 24×7.

What about you? Would you revolutionise and burn you bras to free your boobs for good?



9 thoughts on “To bra or not to bra

  1. As for,,,, little ole,, me,,, I find that I……. ( N E E D ) to wear some-sort of a bra,,,, but we all know the main reason that I have too,,, lol,,, & mine are….fake,,, hmm? very interesting information hope all is & has been goin for you Dani….

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      • Hi,,, Dani,, from what my family/friends have been telling me: as MORE time passes by…. it will get.. better,, perhaps by using that word (better) its…..still S0000 hard to me…. as of this time in my-Life. I am really missing my *Mom S0000000000 much,, its still so hard to believe she is gone. I am HAPPY to say: She is in a much better place &….. will NEVER have anymore pain….as for the house we have been busy cleaning & getting it ready to sell,,, as for me…. I will be sort-of,,, starting out my life…. fresh & a sort of NEW Beginning (long-story) &,,,, when the house is finely sold… I am thinking ??? because the few times I went out in public as……Kelly- it really was sort of a….different/New feeling….I wasn’t really able to do…more with it,, because Mom really needed more of my time with her. which by the way…I had NO problems what so ever being there with *Mom oh,, so going back to what I am thinking?? I have told two more people in my life that are apart of my family/friend that I told I experimented in (cross dressing) & O.M.Goodness,,,they took it better then what I ever would have imagined & one of them is….a friend who I grew-up with as a child So,,,,? when the time comes in moving-out I think? I would like to first move/rent just a room (but) telling the people right away….that at times…not to be surprised that they just might see me…. well,,, wearing woman’s clothing & makeup. I too am glad that your doing well,,, I have been following your Blog Dani & enjoying (*ALL) that you write as *ALWAYS thank you very much for being kind/Nice with me… means the…..*World to me…be well Dani….. A.K.A. (Pretty) young lady* & LOVING,,,,,S000000 much of your outfits JUST LOVE-THEM!!!


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