My little shoe project

high heels - somanylovelythings
You can see them in detail, including where they are from, below

Shoes. I just love them. Maybe love is not the right word. I am just obsessed with them. Maybe I should’ve been more clear – this little project is not about any old shoes. It is about heels – needle, chunky, comma, spiky, curvy, platform, wedges, block, straight. Heels are the actual object of my infatuation.

May be I am opening myself to being called a crazy shoe lady and I couldn’t care less – to quote Imelda Marcos, “they went into my closets looking for skeletons, but thank God, all they found were shoes, beautiful shoes”. So there you go.

First of all, I love the way they make me feel. Well, tall, to start with and those 5 foot almost nothing ladies will certainly understand. But they make me feel as if nothing is impossible – you know the “give a girl the right shoes and she can conquer the world” say? That is right. Nothing is scary in heels – ok, maybe a wet field, going down a mountain, but you know where I am going with this, right? They make me feel happy and more confident. And that’s just on the inside.

My legs look nicer, my posture looks better (ok, orthopedists out there, I know what you are thinking, and frankly, save it!).

Don’t get me wrong, I don’t feel ugly or insecure in flats. I fell comfortable, alright. In heels, I feel amazing. There is, for me, a weird satisfaction on wearing a fabulous pair of shoes. That’s the reason I decided to document my heels. Most of them, at least. Also, I love looking at them – they are beautiful. 

And it gave me and excuse to finally count them. These 90 odd are part of more  then 140 pairs of shoes which include flats and boots. Amongst this selection, there are many special ones, like my first pair of Louboutins. Some carry numerous memories. Others, sentimental value; they are more than 12 years old and although I don’t wear them anymore, they are a part of me that came over from Brazil to the UK, and like me, they survived. A few tell tales of boys, usually followed by tales of a heartbreak. It is also a little reminder of pain that we all carry in our live (honestly, there are pairs I only wore once as they butchered my feet!)

Yet, they all tell tales of my life and the person I am – I feel this mosaic is a little patch from a huge patchwork quilt that is me. 

Shoe obsession update

A few weeks ago, I talked openly about my shoe feelings and well… as any woman in love, I made possibly the wrong decision and succumbed to something that could potentially hurt me (ring any bells?!). Ok, maybe this is a bit dramatic, but, hey…

I couldn’t stop thinking about the shoes since I tried them on, so I bought them. Even if I never get round to wearing them out. Sad, I know, but I just had to have them. I never felt like that about a pair of shoes – NOT wearing is never an option. Obsessed much?

Ironically, I twisted my ankle wearing FLAT boots about ten days ago, and am healing (almost there!) so haven’t had the chance to wear them yet….

Mine, all mine!

What I wore – 30/06/12

I have been a bit busy, so sometimes I am not able to photograph five outfits a week; the weather hasn’t been too bad – ok, it hasn’t been brilliant, but at least the temperature has gone up a couple degrees, and the leg bearing opportunities have increased.

This selection takes advantage of that – I took the plunge and I may have gone home slight cold and/or with wet feet, but it is summer and I will insist. I also have a new red in my life: MAC’s Lady Danger, discovered last week. I am obsessed, but that doesn’t mean I forgot my first love Russian Red.

I finally got round to hemming two maxi skirts and a maxi dress I bought a while ago, so I am wearing this lovely, bang on trend tribal-esque print dress on Monday, to open the week.

I had a little bit of a retro feel on my outfit on Tuesday- I love wearing retro inspired stuff, usually don’t stick to a particular decade; I just pull some elements, a few little touches, and make them work with my wardrobe and inspiration.

On Wednesday, I wore a dress I bought ages ago and didn’t have the chance to wear: this lovely tomato print dress. I fell in Love with D&G vegetable prints (the aubergine to be precise), but sadly my budget does not stretch that far, so I made do with what I could find – and what I lovely find that was!

Finally, on Friday, I wore a favourite dress of mine, bought in Thailand a few years back; I feel it hasn’t gone out of fashion, and I can always count on it to feel pretty.

Wanna see what they are? Here is the nitty-gritty:


Tribal-esque print maxi dress (Primark), sand colour wedges (Território dos Pés, Brazil), animal rings (Miss Selfridge), prince frog ring (New Look), bracelets (Topshop and New Look), Revlon lip butter in Strawberry Shortcake.


Balck and white polka dot skirt (River Island), should ruffle black top (H&M), gold belt (Primark), tricolour court shoes (Zara), owl earrings (Primark), tiger ring (New Look), animal rings (Miss Selfridge), flower ring (a shop in Brazil), bracelet (H&M), MAC lipstick Lady Danger.


Tomato print dress (New Look), nude slingback peep toe sandals (Topshop), bracelets (Topshop and New Look), rings (H&M, Accessorize, Primark and a shop in Brazil), MAC lipstick Lady Danger (not shown).


White dress with red, green and purple leaf print (a boutique in Thailand), red slingback peep toe sandals (Aldo), big stone ring (hand, custom made in Marrakesh), silver knuckle ring (New Look), little rings (H&M, in a set), believe ring (Disney Couture), bracelets (Primark and Topshop – skulls), Lancome lipstick in in Hot Stuff.

What about you? Obsessed with anything lately?

Newsletter item of the week

Miss Selfridge faux fur leopard trim coatThe gorgeous Miss Selfridge’s Leopard Faux fur trim coat, headlining their newsletter today, now features on my wish list – it is just perfect for me. I love everything about it: the taupe color, the leopard print faux fur trim and the cut. Could do with a higher wool percentage, but it is just too cute – and at £85 I think it is well priced.

Another items (or better, items) that caught my attention this week were the Quontum dresses being sold by Vestry. Although I did buy one in a similar style from Miss Selfridge (the Bengaline mesh dress, in green), I really like the colourful straps.

uontum dress

My favourite one is the Quontum Criss-cross strappy back dress –  it is a plain black dress when seen from the front, but as you pass, heads will definitely turn – hot! A great clubbing/partying dress but I think that at £60 and if you are going for the mesh one, the Miss Selfridge has an edge, at only £39.

Not from a newsletter, but this week I went to Aldo and saw their Opdyke bag, in several colours and a lovely fur trimmed flap. I really like the “cognac” and the black ones, but they have loads of different colours. Very cute, £38.