Nails of the week: silver with colourful leopard print

silver nails with colourful leopard print - somanylovelythings

You know when I say I obsess with things? Together with gradients, leopard print is a great nail obsession of mine.

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Nails of the week (01/08/2011)

Nails painted with Colorama Rosa PinkThis week  I am once again going for an old time favourite in gorgeous summery bright pink.

The fact the sun finally showed its rays over the weekend really inspired me, and I thought my nails deserved yet another bright colour splash, to keep the mood going, as if I knew we were doomed to have a grey Monday.

This nail polish was bought ages ago and it is by Colorama, which I think is the best nail polish brand in the world (in terms of duration, ease of application and price),  from their “artistic” range, in “Rosa Pink”.

Love it!