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From all the detoxes, I think a hair one is probably one I could take and for two weeks I went organic with Innersense. I used their shampoo, hair mask, styling spray and dry shampoo and nothing else on my hair.

I really like that every instruction for use comes with a calming ritual – seemed a bit odd when I first read, but actually makes the simple act of caring for your hair a little self care, self-centering routine, and I am there for it.

The most used product was the shampoo which is probably my favourite. The Color Awakening Hairbath (£26/ smells fresh, lathers well and leaves hair feeling clean and fresh.

It contains coconut and rice bran, shea butter, pumpkin seed oil and rooibos tea extract for that extra antioxidant punch and a little goes a long way.

Sadly I didn’t get a conditioner so ended up treating myself to using the Hydrating Hair Masque (£28) as one to really get into those drier ends. And I very much enjoyed it.

The mask delivers a great hydration, hair feels soft and nourised – not a surprise when it packs flaxseed, shea butter, monoi coconut and tamanu oils, as well as quinoa and sage + vanilla essential oils.

The Refresh Dry Shampoo (£22) is – lo and behold – not dry. It has a foam consistency that

During lockdown I’ve been washing my hair less and have really tested this one, mainly for those last minute video calls (or that time I had space buns and had to get my hair into profesh mode to interview someone).

I used a couple pumps massaged to roots, then let it dry and brushed. I found that it really refreshes hair and makes it look presentable but it doesn’t quite soak up all the grease, like powder ones, as expected.

However, that also means there is no horrible scalp build up, so I find an ok trade, especially if you don’t have oily hair. Oh, and it does not have that “odour neutralising” small that most powder sprays do – if you know what I mean (or is it just me?).

I rarely style my hair – when I do, it is mermaid waves with little or most of the times no product. I did get the I Create Finish hair spray (£24) and found it, overall, a good hair spray. Now, I don’t use hair sprays in general (more a mousse person for extra flexible waves) but can say the hold was better than I though, although I did find it a bit crunchy.

If hair sprays are your thing, this contains aloe vera, rooibos, honey and lavender. It smells lovely!

At the end of the two weeks my hair felt strong, shiny, overall quite happy, pretty much as their 14-day detox tells you it should, restored from artificial build ups.

I’ll definitely put the shampoo on the rotation, keep using the mask once a week on rotation too and use the dry shampoo to refresh maybe a day old hair, but not longer – I know I should really wash 3 times a week at least as my hair is fine and prone to oily roots.

Oh, and btw, that in the pic is my real hair – no extensions shown: a first for this blog!

You can get Innersense on their website and various retailers like Naturismo and Selfridges.

They have a great range that cater for other hair types with a good selection of shampoos, conditioners, leave-in conditioners and styling products, including curly hair.

And while you’re at it, it’s also worth reading about their ethos and passion for clean, pure beauty products and living.

written by Dani

You know the drill, but I’ll say anyway: this post contains PR samples as products were sent to me free of charge, with no obligation to post. Opinions are honest and my own.

Garnier launches: Ultimate Blends and Miracle Skin and Eye Cream

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Garnier has loads of news on that front and we were invited into their British garden – inclusive of wind, thunder and all – to get a sneaky peek at their new products hitting the shelves in the next couple of months.

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Product review: Bumble and bumble Prêt-à-powder at Powder Room event

Bumble and Bumble Prêt-à-Powder and powder room event - somanylovelythings

Bumble and bumble, hair extraordinaire, invited me to their Powder Room event in London, to launch their newest product, Prêt-à-powder.

Stylists were at hand creating fabulous hair dos using Bumble and bumble’s fantastic range – but specifically showcasing their limited edition Spray Chalk, which is so pigmented that will colour the darkest of hairs and of course, their new launch Prêt-à-powder.

Bumble and Bumble Prêt-à-Powder and powder room event - somanylovelythings

Prêt-à-powder really brings back my teenage memories of using talcum powder as a late 90’s dry shampoo. Yeah, some days my head smelt of a (clean!!!) baby’s bottom!

The bottle has a gorgeous pink-ish pearlescent shade with a tiny hole from which very fine translucent powder, with a subtle fragrance, comes out. The powder contains a blend of clay and oat powder for dry cleansing and silica that sticks to strands creating volume and grip!


Photo booth fun with my new hairdo! Cobalt and mint anyone?

This product is described as a “blow dry extender”, a “lifeline for styling, giving it a second day to survive” and “essential for textured ponytails and easier to manage updos”.

Even though it does work as both, I see this more like a styling product than a dry shampoo. Applied on the hair, it soaks the grease and takes away a bit of the dirty look of a second day hair, giving back oomph, but I think a dry shampoo is still more efficient if the wash happened more than a day or two days prior to application! Be careful not to apply too much, especially if you have dark hair, as you need to pat a bit to get rid of the whiteness, even though the powder is not too white.

It delivers good volume  and grip – it lifts the roots and really (really!) amplifies your backcombing, giving your hair some zhush!!! The effect last well through the day. This is great news for me, owner of a limp mane.

A lovely little thing that is! It now lives in my bathroom for a morning hair pick me up!

Prêt-à-powder will be available from the Bumble and bumble website, Space NK, John Lewis, Selfridges, Liberty, selected Boots nationwide and network salons from the 27 of January 2014. Not too long now! Suggested price is £21.50 for 2oz.

The lovely event took place at the Ice Tank in Covent Garden and the delicious candy floss was supplied by the lovely ladies from Hot Spun Sugar. Thank you Chalk PR and Bumble and bumble for having me!

This post contains PR samples. This review, however, is based on my own true experience with the products and reflects my honest opinion on them.