Garnier launches: Ultimate Blends and Miracle Skin and Eye Cream

Don’t you just love beauty launches – the idea of a brand new product you never tried before is sooooo exciting!

Garnier has loads of news on that front and we were invited into their British garden – inclusive of wind, thunder and all – to get a sneaky peek at their new products hitting the shelves in the next couple of months.

In February they will launch the Miracle Skin Cream and the Miracle Eye Cream. They are new generation, multi-effect cosmetics, packed with anti-ageing ingredients (7, to be precise: LHA, Pro-retinol, Vitamins E and B5, skin-tensor peptides, argan protein and ginger). Both creams have amazing micro-capsules with micro-pigments which adjust themselves to the skin colour; it is a white cream which changes upon skin contact (quite magical, really!).

The face cream boosts radiance and evens skin tone texture, while fighting ageing – overtime, it reduces expression lines, age spots and increases firmness, as well as improving tone and texture permanently. Great, eh? And it also has SPF 20!

The eye cream is said to illuminate the eye area, smoothing the contour and reducing signs of tiredness. Over time, it helps reduce signs of ageing and improve firmness of this oh-so-delicate skin.

Plus, they both work throughout the day, helping combat signs of fatigue over time. I’ve starting using them, and will be reviewing soon! The RRP is £12.99 each and they will be available exclusively in Boots.

Launching in March, there is the Ultimate Blends hair care range, with a massive six distinct blends of shampoos, conditioners, oils, treatments, scrubs and dry shampoo – all caring for especific problems of hair that is battered by the crazy British weather.

The range was developed  as the result of seven years research with British women and using lightweight oils and plants extracts to nourish, replenish and restore hair to its due glory!

garnier ultimate blends - somanylovelythings

The Sleek Restorer, with coconut oil and cocoa butter is for smoothing frizzy, dry hair. It has a shampoo, conditioner, the Sleek Perfector Oil and a 1-minute mask treatment.

garnier ultimate blends - somanylovelythings

The Colour Illuminator, with cranberry extracts and argan oil is to protect and transform coloured hair. It has a shampoo, conditioner and 1-minute treatment;

garnier ultimate blends - somanylovelythings

The Marvellous Transformer,with Camellia and Argan oils is a shine restorer for dry, lifeless hair. It has a shampoo, conditioner, 1-minute treatment and the Marvellous Glow Oil with UV filter.

garnier ultimate blends - somanylovelythings

The Nourishing Repairer, with avocado oil and shea butter, delivers intense nourishment to dry, damaged hair. It has a shampoo, conditioner and a 1-minute treatment.

garnier ultimate blends - somanylovelythings

The Shine Revitialiser, with lemon and green tea, injects shine and bounce to normal hair. It has a shampoo, conditioner and – wait for that – a Dry Shampoo!!!

garnier ultimate blends - somanylovelythings

Finally, The Silk Smoother, with papaya and vanilla extract, gives mid-long hair satin silkiness and smooth ends. It has a shampoo, conditioner, 1-minute treatment Polishing Scrub and (an amazing smelling) Dry Shampoo too.

garnier ultimate blends - somanylovelythings

Now, the dry shampoo is said to be a 7-in-1 product as it leaves no residue (dark haired ladies, rejoice!), cleans and refreshes, gives volume and texture, absorbs greasiness, delivers a lightweight feel, fragrances and fits in the handbag for those all important touch ups during the day!

garnier ultimate blends - somanylovelythings

The oils are multi-purpose – and I love this kind of oil – it can be used before or after washing and/or styling, as well as between washes for a sleek-over. Really, whenever you fell like. You hair thanks you. It also protects hair up to 230 degrees when styling, so a fantastic all rounder. With the added bonus of a good-enough-to-eat smell.

Also, the polishing scrub is something new; it works as a treatment mask: applied after shampooing and left on for one minute, its micro-beads gently polish the hair surface, helping smooth split ends. Now that is something really interesting, I cannot wait to try!

They all smell heavenly, really, but they fragrances are not too overpowering. And they stay in the hair,which is lovely.

The Ultimate Blends will be priced between £2.79 (shampoos and conditioners) and £9.99 (hair oils), with the 1-minute treatments costing £4.49 and the dry shampoos £3.99. A very well priced range if you ask me!

I have been using them all (except the polishing scrub, must get my mitts on it!) and will post a review soon. All I can say is that my poor hair is loving my recommended blend (The Marvellous Transformer).

Keep your eyes peeled!

9 thoughts on “Garnier launches: Ultimate Blends and Miracle Skin and Eye Cream

    • Hi Amria
      It was a great event indeed – it really helps the PR girls (Laura, Hannah and Anais) are super lovely! Plus you get to try all these launches, which is super exciting!
      And what I didn’t mention is they had lots of fruit on display and offered that we take some home, which I did. Made guacamole on Saturday, courtesy of Garnier’s Ultimate Blends, hahahahahaha
      Thanks for dropping by and also for you lovely comment.
      Dani x


  1. This event must have been fun!
    I love these shampoos, I have been using them for years. It seems like they have rebranded the range again. The collection was called Ultra Beauty when it was launched in the 90’s. My bottles from October read “Natural Beauty”. Ah, nevermind. So glad that this collection is finally launched in tje UK!
    Thanks for the update!


    • Hello! It was a lovely event indeed! That’s very interesting to know, I had no idea that the line had been around – I’ll look it up, very curious now! I am enjoying the products, been using since the event and my hair does feel more nourished (mind you, it’s battered by the weather, central heating, etc etc etc)!
      Thanks for you comment and visit!
      Dani x


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