Discovering Mii cosmetics

mii-cosmetics-review - 2Discovering new brands is a huge perk of blogging and when you’ve been doing it for a while, it’s a bit rare to come across a brand you never even heard before.

Mii makeup was one of those, and I went into their immersion event, at the gorgeous ME London penthouse, with a very open mind and very curious.

mii-cosmetics-review - 1After a fab Mii spray tan, I got to explore their very extensive makeup range, for all tastes and complexions. And I got to try a few items, which surprised me with their quality.

The Celestial Skin Shimmer in Rose Quartz is as good as it is pretty.

mii-cosmetics-review - 5Within is mosaic, a mix of golds, pinks and corals, that mixed create a beautiful flush and glow to the cheeks.mii-cosmetics-review - 7

The lighter shade is also a handy and effective highlighter.

mii-cosmetics-review - 3Makeup brushes make me happy. I have more than I could ever use and I still manage to go through a fair few.

The Miracle Base Brush is packed with compacted soft bristles, making it quite firm. Made from liquid and cream foundation, I think this works very well with powder too, for a heavier application and great blend.

mii-cosmetics-review - 6Finally, the Forever Eye Crayon in Sorbet a shimmery beige leaning towards peach that also works wonders as a highlighter. On the brow bone and for me, it’s hero use, the Cupid bow to make those lips pop.

The durability is fantastic, it sets quickly after application, with enough time Tom blend and it comes in 8 colours.

mii-cosmetics-review - 4Mii is a salon brand, brought to the UK by Gerrard International, the same company behind the fab Jessica nail polish, which is also a professional brand.

The Celestial Skim Shimmer costs £27.50 and comes in two shades – mine, Rose Quartz and Aurora, the Miracle Base Brush, £21.50 and the Forever Eye Crayon, £17 each.

You can browse their fantastic range on the Mii cosmetics website.


This post contains PR samples. This review, however, is based on my experience with the product and reflects my honest opinion on them.

Product review: Eye of Horus Goddess eye pencil in charcoal obsidian

eye of hours goddess eye pencil

The Eye of Horus is an ancient Egypt symbol of protection, health and power. Here, the Eye of Horus is a cosmetic brand that delivers lovely products to make our peepers powerfully beautiful!

The Goddess pencil in Charcoal Obsidian is a charcoal colour with some subtle shimmer. It has a smudging tip on one end, to help create a smokey effect. Their formula is waterproof, smudge proof and long-lasting.

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Product review: Studio eye pencil set

I have more eye make up that I could possibly wear in my lifetime, even if I were a spider, with eight blinkers. Still, in my world you can never have too much of (almost) anything so I could not resist when I came across this 7 eye pencil set by Studio, in Superdrug.

Usually, I am a bit sceptic about cheap make up, especially those in a “Christmas gift pack”, as I’ve had plenty disappointment in the past with poor pigmentation and durability. For £6.99 (and also part of their buy 3 for 2), it sounded like too good a deal to overlook, as it is less than £1 per pencil and the colours were appealing basics.

Just to have an idea of how good (or not) they were, I tried it at home one night, after work, pretty much on top of my worn out, basic day eye make up.

The pencils are really soft and the colours really bright, even though they are not super solid when on the eye, and the shimmery ones reflect light well. I also like that the colour have rather cute names, such as “silver moonbeam”. Application was easy, the pencils glide smoothly on the lid, and following the instructions inside the box to emulate the suggested design was quite easy, taking me well under ten minutes (even though the photo on the cover of the pack is definitely not done with the pencils in question) . The green and blue colour seem to mix quite a bit, and although when side by side they are quite similar, separately they are distinctive.

Durability was standard – I went on doing my usual things at home, and it seem to stay put, but losing intensity quite rapidly. I tend to think that if I had prepped my lids properly, as I do before applying make up to go out, they would have held better. Still to see if it passes the “night out” test.

I also used the green one to draw on my face, as a pumpkin stalk coming out of my orange eye make up for Halloween, and application was easy and it lasted well.

Overall, a pleasant surprise;  a good purchase that won’t break the bank with a very versatile colour range. I found great it also came with the eye-opening basic white pencil and the classic black, which are always welcome in any make up bag. Dare I say, the black is quite close to my current MAC black liner (Smoulder Eye Kohl),  and even though it is not a like-for-like swap (the MAC one is, in my view, far superior in quite a few aspects), it seems to be an acceptable budget alternative.

I might check out more of the Studio products available at Superdrug, they have a Eye Create Large Look Book (£9.99) and  a Lash Set (£14.99) I quite fancy!