Friday Fixation: Pat McGrath

Now, I’ve been a fan of makeup artist extraordinaire Pat McGrath for a very long time, but cannot help being that extra bit in awe this week.


Not only these pics have been released, with all McGrath’s talent and artistry poured over Kim K, but also, as Max factor’s Global Creative Director, Pat designed some Star Wars inspired makeup, to mark the brand’s partnership with the movie.

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Bronde, strobing, baking and clown-contouring: are they really new?

feature1Recently we have seen “new” beauty “trends” popping up everywhere: strobing, bronde and clown-contouring.

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Review: Hairfinity – vitamins for faster hair growth


In the past year or so, my hair has suffered a lot so I have streamlined my hair rotine as well as taking medication.

When I was offered Hairfinity to try I was ecstatic, after all, I had only heard good things about it and help was more than welcome.

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