Friday Fixation: Pat McGrath

Now, I’ve been a fan of makeup artist extraordinaire Pat McGrath for a very long time, but cannot help being that extra bit in awe this week.


Not only these pics have been released, with all McGrath’s talent and artistry poured over Kim K, but also, as Max factor’s Global Creative Director, Pat designed some Star Wars inspired makeup, to mark the brand’s partnership with the movie.

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Nails of the week – orange with gold French

A couple of weeks back I went to the Cointreau rendez-vous and as part of the activities, I had a mini manicure. The colours available or varying shades of – you guessed – oranges, including corals.

I had my nails painted a lovely shade, but being particular about how they get painted, they didn’t last 24 hours on my hands. However, I decided to keep within the colour scheme and painted my nails this lovely shade of orange-coral from Impala, called Twenty Years. On top, I applied Max Factor’s Bronze, for a gold shimmer.

Two days later, I applied a gold French manicure, using Barry M foil effects nail polish.

I have to say the colours complemented each other very well. The Impala polish was quite opaque with two coats; the Bronze on top delivered the right amount of golden shimmer. Application was smooth, and durability great, even with the French.

Overall, a cute look.


Nails of the week – blue/green duochrome (dazzling blue)

Together with fantasy fire, I also bought Max Factor’s dazzling blue, which is a lovely mint green with pinkish/gold/blue hues.

I applied over Ana Hickmann’s Vibe Nova, a strong mint green, and it looked lovely. Had the same issue with application, as bottle is tiny, but it lasted really well! It ended up showing a lovely mint green to light blue, sometimes with a hint of gold, which I found very pretty.

Now, I didn’t expect much from this one, so that’s probably why I wasn’t disappointed as I was with Fantasy Fire.


Nails of the week – Purple/green/blue (fantasy fire)

After hearing about Max Factor’s Fantasy Fire so much and feeling the “panic” on the twittosphere about it being sold out everywhere, I didn’t even bother trying to get hold of it.

However, I went to Westfield before going on holidays and popped to Superdrug to buy some travel essentials when, doing my standard browsing through nail polishes and make up, I found said polish staring me in the face. Yes, it was a sign, so I bought it.

I used a purple underneath, as the polish is too thin to have any effect on its own (unless you do, maybe 5 coats!!!). It really needed two coats on top of the purple to look nice. The super small square bottle is a bit fiddly, but durability is good.

The colour in the bottle is stunning – purples, and pinks, with blues and greens, a plethora of changing hues…. and although you can identify them on the nails, and it does look very pretty – I got compliments on it –  it is not half as impressive as the colour in the bottle.

So, I am a bit disappointed. To me, it is not nearly as amazing as it has been blogged, twitted and facebooked about. Don’t get me wrong, it is very nice, but I think the hype made me expect so much about it, and I got too disappointed… oh well….

Have you tried Fantasy Fire? Did you use a different colour underneath and got better results?