Dani’s Little Book of Fashion: new romantic

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My plans to create a series of features on more fashionable looks started a long time ago. However, finally getting off the ground took some planning.

The aim of Dani’s Little Book of Fashion is to dissect looks into wearable chunks, that will work for the person carrying it, whatever their personal style.

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A red a day – a liptastic week

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Monday to Friday, from the top

My love of red lipstick is nothing new. If you know me, you know that you are very likely to find me wearing red lipstick – day or night. I just feel more like myself wearing it.

I am not sure when I rekindled my affair with lipstick. Think I talked about it here before. The 90’s and 00’s for me were really all about lipgloss. In a way, it was a blessing as my eyes were usually smeared with blue. My make up abilities came a looong way.

Lipgloss was the thing to have on your lips at the time. Everyone had bare, shiny lips, it looked like we had eaten greasy spare ribs and didn’t wipe our mouths. Please don’t take these comments as a “I am never wearing lipgloss again”. Far from it, I may dabble with it again, but since I got a proper flush of colour on my lips, it is really hard to let go.

Obviously, I amassed a small collection of it and have a couple favourites (one of them, actually doesn’t feature!), but love them all (almost) equally.

The past week, I noticed I wore red lipstick for work everyday of the week, so “a red a day” just kinda happened. Apologies as the pictures are not brilliant, I cropped my “outfit of the day” images…

On Monday, I wore  MAC Red, on Tuesday So Chaud, on Wednesday, Lady Bug, on Thursday Ruby Woo and on Friday, Lady Danger, all From MAC. My beloved Russian Red will have to wait for another week!

red MAC lipsticks - somanylovelythings

Have to say, I prefer the matte ones, purely for the staying power, but I won’t dismiss any red, after all, I am certain that life in red is more fun – at least mine is.