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dani's little book of fashion - somanylovelythings.com

My plans to create a series of features on more fashionable looks started a long time ago. However, finally getting off the ground took some planning.

The aim of Dani’s Little Book of Fashion is to dissect looks into wearable chunks, that will work for the person carrying it, whatever their personal style.


dani's little book of fashion - somanylovelythings.comI am taking on a look that will not be my everyday and might even border on editorial, to the streets; each element can be used separately to add a little twist to our everyday wardrobe. I wanted to create more fashionable looks that are fun but easy to incorporate in our daily lives.

Before I start, I’d like to thank my wonderful boyfriend who is doubling up as a photographer. He is not a photographer, so thanks for supporting me and being patient  – especially when I know he hates taking posed pictures.

dani's little book of fashion - somanylovelythings.com

So, the look to open my Little Book of Fashion is what I call the “new romantic”. Take a black tule skirt, add a cute t-shirt, pop socks, high heels and a statement clutch. Pearls added that extra lovingly touch.

The tule skirt, brought back to life by SJP a long time ago in full ballet version, keeps popping into my radar from time to time, so I decided to embrace. For me, it rings back to my ballet memories, and I feel very comfortable wearing it. I added a tiny petticoat under this H&M number. Needless to say, this works very well with ballet flat pumps.

dani's little book of fashion - somanylovelythings.com

I paired it with a super cute Lulu Guinness for Uniqlo t-shirt, with a boat neck and hemmed cut sleeves. I really love this tee – it can be informal or be dressed up, versatile as any t-shirt but on the girly side.

Now, what I really like is the little pop socks, which I had tons as a child. Clothes that bring up memories are the best! These are from Primark – white, with a braid design at the foot bridge and black organza frills. It adds a layer of innocence and I think is a lovely detail. Pop socks work well with brogues jeans.

dani's little book of fashion - somanylovelythings.com

Stilettos are the shoe kings of my heart. I love a nice pair, and most of my going out compositions feature them. This pair is what I call “red-on-red”, a Christian Louboutin Decollete 100 with pointed toes (different from the classic almond toes Decollete I have) and it is a fabulous shade of red, which matches my personality perfectly.

A pair of popping-colour stilettos can go a long way in sprucing up an outfit and is the perfect way to discreetly introduce colour to a wardrobe, especially if you are scared of it. This season, magenta is very in, but as an investment that will probably stand the test of times, go for red or even a royal blue or leopard print – which can be a scary print but trust me, it is worth it.

dani's little book of fashion - somanylovelythings.com

The statement bag is my beloved Eye clutch from Lulu Guinness. It adds playfulness to the look. A clutch can also work in the same way as the shoes. Both together in a clashing manner will make an old pair of jeans and t-shirt quite chic. At the moment, lots of high street shops have great clutches – New Look has some fab and fun fruit ones.

Now a few variations on the look. First, would be throwing in a leather jacket and/or Dr Martens and toughen it up. Second, replacing the skirt with a pair of jeans, loose with rolled legs, so you get a more informal look that will take you from day to night. Take a cape or a fitted blazer, in black or a popping colour. I think royal blue would look great!

dani's little book of fashion makeup- somanylovelythings.comFor makeup, I did my usual “going out” base (Hourglass Veil Primer, MAC Fortified Skin Enhancer Illuminateur, MAC Studio FIX Foundation and Powder, MAC bronzer and blusher, Makeup Revolution highlighter), with a smokey earthy eye look using Urban Decay Primer and Makeup Revolution Iconic Pro 2 palette, NYX Skinny eye liner with an exaggerated cat-eye, Kiss Lashes and Lady Danger MAC lipstick. All set with Urban Decay All Nighter spray.

I love pearls. I find them a great way to either throw a vintage charm or add instant sophistication to a look. I use mine to exhaustion to be honest. These are a mix from Forever 21, Accessorize, Primark and New Look, bought at various times of my life. I am still to invest in good ones, which is totally worth it if you can afford.

So that’s it for now. There are quite a few pictures, as this is the first one and I got quite excited. I am hoping to bring a new edition (with less pictures) of my little fashion book very soon! Obviously, we are not professionals and while this first shoot is in no way perfect, I am quite happy with it. Plus, we can only get better, right?

Regardless of what you are going to wear, remember: trends are loose guidelines only – pick and choose, take inspiration, adapt to make them your own. The most important thing is to feel comfortable within your own style. Always. Dani

Fashion styling, makeup and modelling (really!?): Dani Dutra

Photography: Andy Edwards (I did art-direct it though, and took the picture of the shoes!)

Location: St John’s Parish Church, Stratford, London


6 thoughts on “Dani’s Little Book of Fashion: new romantic

  1. Hi Dani,,, I am enjoying this new type of post O.M.Goodness & you look S0000 pretty & loving your outfit !!!!! Waiting for your next post !!!!!!! hurry,,,, I cant wait !!!!!!! Kelly


  2. Hi again Dani,,, Long story short my Mom is, well,, lets just say: its seems it will take her a little longer for her recovery to heal… & even in that,,, she is & has been a…different & changed person…So with that being said my family thinks it best to accept that,,, with the medicine she has just started it can go in two ways…it can STOP / slow down of what’s happening to her…or – ? it can do nothing to stop-it,, its her Age Dani,, You & the few other girls that I read blogs from are so very much younger then myself.. By the way Dani…. My mule heels have arrived & I have been really happy with the way they look & feel on me,, What a wonderful feeling wearing them,,, it of course feels so much more different than any type of a shoe I have ever worn….but then again,,,lol how would I have ever known this before. After all…I have really only begun to start to wear woman’s shoes / clothing / & now….practicing with applying makeup remember I am really still NEW to things: Cross dressing- I just have only (one) more purchase to make & its a…..WIG !!!! & sometime (this) week I will decide which one & style I will own,,, I am thinking ?? hmm? maybe not to long of length & not too short & some type of bangs…not the pageboy look,,, & perhaps go with…a wig that has curls…or waves its so hard to decide,,,, & I….if ? & when the time comes to ever go out in public I really want to…..(blend-in) not to come-off looking like what’s called a Drag-queen* because after all my desires is to be a Cross dresser that looks just like a real woman…or at least very, very close to look like one & PASS as one in public.. W0W,,, I Just looked how much I wrote to you,,, SORRY 😦 ok well,,, oh,,, so I see from your previous post you have gone to some events,,,& yes that is why I can see that you been rushing around,,, good for you Dani,,, its NICE to do & go to places you *Enjoy !!!! Keep doing what you do….I know that I just *LOVE to see what u do next & what outfits u will wear & thank u…for sharing this all with your readers &…….. *Me !!!!! Nice blog Dani,,, Until next time…stay well,, *Pretty Young Lady Kelly


    • Hey Kelly. I am glad to hear there’s some progress re: your mum’s health.
      I am also happy to hear you got you mules and like them.
      I don’t know why, but I “see” you with some shoulder length hair, tousled waves, with long-ish bangs in deep burgundy!
      Keep me posted – looking forward to seeing a cross-dresser picture of you 😀
      And thanks again for all the lovely comments.
      Dani x


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