Glazed AF

Did anyone say iridescent? Well, believe your eyes, Sleek Makeup has brought out yet another killer highlighter palette, and it comes with some friends. The Distorted Dreams collection carries all the holo vibes.

The Distorted Dreams highlighting palette has five stunning shades brimming with reflective holographic pigments that can be used all over the face. It’s a combination of 3 creams and 2 powders that are gorgeous on their own but really come to life when layered.

The creams have a beautiful colour colour shift and opalescence in pink (Anodise), blue (Beam) and green (Refracted). The powders are a quite shimmery, a cool pink with some glittery particles (Blurred Lights) and a tanned gold (Sweet Delusion).

What I have been using the most is the pink cream and either one of the powders on top for face highlighting. The blue and green are great for eyes (especially as a base) and over lipstick, especially over black (both), blue and purple (blue cream).

I know for a fact these creams will form a base for my festival makeup this year!

The hashtag GlazedAF could not be more appropriate and only a cool AF brand like Sleek could put it out there.

The “glazing” is serious but not ridiculous. Although highly pigmented and very shimmery, there is no excess glitter, so basically it looks look someone planted a beam of light under your skin. It really pulls the light in.

Be mindful that if using alone, the creams and will need translucent powder to set for better durability.

The Matte Me Metallic Matte Smooth Lip Cream liquid lipsticks are quite amazing – a bit of molten metal for the lips. Sadly, alone, none do much for my complexion, but they are amazing to layer on lipstick, especially at the centre of the mouth!

They have great pigmentation and consistency and they dry Matte, but retaining that metallic, luminous finish. Durability is excellent.

And there are three shades to choose from: Roman Copper, a warm and deep rusty copper, Rusted Rose, an intense muted pink with purple undertones (Carol really likes this one) and Volcanic, my fave, with that slight beetle wing colour shift between light pink and subtle green. So pretty!

The collection is already available at Superdrug – YAY.  The Distorted Dreams Highlighting palette costs £10.99 and each of the new Matte Me Metallic Matte Smooth Lip Cream cost £4.99.

written by Dani

You know the drill, but I’ll say anyway: this post contains PR samples. This review, however, is based on my experience with the product and reflects my honest opinion on them.

Feeling illuminated

mua-art-of-illumination-review-2The art of illumination – how to say no to an event titled like that?

For AW16 MUA, or Makeup Academy, has brought out, as part of their Luxe collection, a trio of highlighters that will really make you glow.

Before I tell you how lovely they are, let’s take a moment to check out the gilded Art Deco influenced packaging. Thank you.

mua-art-of-illumination-review-4Cushion makeup is all the rage at the moment and MUA has had its say on it, in the shape of gorgeous MUA LUXE Glow Beam Liquid Highlight Cushion.

This little pot of shine used alone delivers a soft, natural radiance from its lightly shimmery peachy gold liquid. A press of the cushion with the round sponge is enough to deliver for both cheeks, nose and Cupid bow. I actually go again for extra radiance.

mua-art-of-illumination-review-5I apply this after powdering my face, let it dry while I do my eye makeup and apply highlight powder on top for that extra pow!

Which takes me to the LUXE Glow Beam Highlighting Powder, a light gold dust that reflects the light beautifully.

The packaging actually mills the block of powder on demand and this is as good for the face as it is for the body. This product is highly recommended to turn the glam up!

mua-art-of-illumination-review-3Finally, the MUA LUXE Radiant Illumination kit, a more everyday product that doubles up quite nicely as eyeshadow.

Those with oilier skins that worry about adding more shine to the complexion, fear not. Without the shimmery elements of most highlighters, the six matte shades are perfect for a fresh, natural and non-shiny look.

Personally, I like to go all shimmer, but this palette is perfect for those who are a bit more discreet or those dabbing in/starting highlighting.

mua-art-of-illumination-review-6Now, we must talk about the price. Nice packaging? Check. Quality product? Check. Great finish? Check. Tiny price tag? Check. What? Yes, that’s right.

The MUA LUXE Glow Beam Highlighting Powder and the MUA LUXE Glow Beam Liquid Highlight Cushion cost only £5 each and the MUA LUXE Radiant Illumination kit only £6!

You can buy them at the MUA website and at Superdrug, currently as part of their 3 for 2 across all cosmetics and beauty accessories.


You know the drill, but I’ll say anyway: this post contains PR samples. This review, however, is based on my experience with the product and reflects my honest opinion on them.