Nails of the week – blue with glitter flakes

blue nails - Impala paparazzi and paz e amor - dani dutraFor my last manicure in Brazil, I chose blue. I am wearing two nail polishes from Impala: a lovely dark, slightly metallic navy blue called Paparazzi and a blue and green glitter flakes topcoat called Paz e Amor.

Alone, Paparazzi is a very pretty and shiny deep, dark navy blue. The topcoat effect is lovely and somewhat similar to the Andrea Fulerton Rain fall trio topcoat, the difference being the flakes on this polish change colour, whereas the ones on the Impala varnish are two different colours. The Impala polish also has a clearer base for the flakes.

This brand is very good; applications is always smooth and even, the finish is glossy and durability is great.

Today is my last post from Brazil – sadly, my holidays are over and I am heading to London tomorrow. This means I will go back to doing my own manicure again (you do get used to having them done!) and will start trying out my nail varnish haul, as well as some polishes I had bought before coming on holiday!

Nails of the week – holographic teal

I am thoroughly enjoying my holiday, this “white Christmas” thing is not really for me! With temperatures averaging 30°, I have developed a great tan; add the intense socialising, and my posts have been sparse an irregular! I will return in full power after mid January – I promise!

This week I am wearing a pretty holographic teal nail polish from a Brazilian brand I hadn’t tried before: Specialittá Hits, and the colour is Apolo, from their “No Olimpo” range.

The holo effect is not too strong; it is stunning in the sun, very sparkly and multi coloured, but indoors, it is just a pretty metallic teal! For this reason, on the 6th day of wearing it, I have painted over with the gorgeous topcoat from Andrea Fulerton’s Rain Fall trio, with green glitter flakes, to give it a bit of oomph!

Once again, I didn’t apply myself, but it seemed to glide well. Its durability is very impressive: seven days and not a chip!!!

The price is, of course, as every Brazilian polish, great, although above the average: around R$ 8,00 (just under £3)!!!

Nails of the week – blue/green metallic

I came across the Andrea Fullerton range at Superdrug, on the same day I bought the Studio eye pencil set. I had never heard or seen them before, and they looked very attractive – from the packaging to the variety of products. The colours were particularly exciting, the combos looked great, it really had that “nail art” at home things going.

I was immediately drawn to the Trio Colour Layering System nail polishes, and fell in love with Rain Fall. The idea is that you can wear each colours individually or  layer both for different effects. At 7.99, I decided it was worth a go, as the colour in the bottle was mesmerising – a metallic teal solid colour and a sheer iridescent blue/purple, shimmery and with green soft glitter flakes.

Application was ok. The teal nail polish is very thin, so coverage wasn’t great. I decided against applying two coats, as I would end up with more than my usual two or three (maximum – I hate thick polish!) coats in total. The sheer varnish was also easy to apply, and quite smooth considering the flakes. One coat didn’t impress me, so I applied a second one. I dried quite smooth, despite the flakes, and drying time wasn’t too bad.

The polish also seem to be chip and scratch resistant, as I was peeling potatoes (oh, the glamour!) and the peeler hit my nail straight on, with quite a lot of force, and even though I expected the worse, the nail polish was practically intact – so points for that – let’s see how it fares in the week!

As it is a double-ended polish,  and the two small bottles are joined by the double-sided brush, it was quite uncomfortable to hold while applying the polish, as the bottle you were not using was still attached to the end of the “brush”. It felt quite heavy and clumsy, but not impossible.

Of course, the colour on my nails wasn’t the colour on the bottle. This doesn’t mean I am not pleased with it – I am, it is exquisite, and it varies quite a bit, depending on the light and angle. Most of the times, it is blue with green flecks. On bright, direct light (such as photography flash), it looks dark blue. On not so bright, natural light, it looks Egyptian blue; tilt it a bit, and you can see green flecks – not only glimmering but almost giving it some depth and texture. On darker light, indoors, it looks almost forest green with lighter green flecks. If you look at your nails sideways, you can best spot the plethora of shades this polish offers: you can almost see the teal coming through the shiny green flecks, and the blue/purple sheen as the nail curves. Beautiful.  I thought the polish was aptly named, as it indeed reminds me of a tropical forest rain fall – or a mermaid magical seaweed (yes, you heard it, in my head’s fantasy land!)

Overall, quite pleased, the effect is really pretty, and the colour, although as not as much as in the bottle, mesmerising nevertheless. The quality of the solid colour polish could be better, as I would need a good three coats to use it solo, and the brush easier to manage. Not sure if I will buy more, there are some truly amazing colour combinations, but I had very high expectations for this one, and it fell a little bit short.

I have also bought other two magnetic nail polishes from different brands and colours, and cannot wait to try those! I will, of course, post all about them in the next few weeks!