Shoes news: when shoes do good

image: VOGUE UK

image: VOGUE UK

How lovely was to see Sandra Bullock, who voices Scarlet Overkill in Minions 2, auctioning a lot of 10 Rupert Sanderson’s Minions inspired stilettos, not only raising the money from the sales but matching the amount herself.

They are very unusual shoes, I have to say, but the Minion fever, and the charity aspect, as well as Bullock’s autograph, raised an epic US$42,425. With Sandra’s matching, the amount went to almost US$85K, all going to the Art + Practice charity, which helps foster youth in LA, encouraging education and culture.

As for the shoes, I find them very cute. And that’s the kind of shoes news that makes me smile even more.

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Shoes I won’t dare fall in love with

House of Borgezie Cleopatra stilettos

Platinum Cleopatra (image:

If you think the headline is odd to say the least, rest assured – you read it right. No, I am not ill. Carry on…

At £70,000 (again, you DID read it right) for a pair, I can safely state the House of Borgenzie platinum Cleopatra stilettos will never be the object of my desire.

As described on the site, “The Borgezie Platinum Cleopatra Stiletto is a worlds first solid platinum stiletto. Like the entire Borgezie range nothing like this has been achieved, or indeed possible before. Due to the extremely high temperatures required to work with Platinum, it proved to be one of Christophers greatest challenges. The Platinum stiletto took over four years of development. Finally the most noble of all metals was formed into the perfect stiletto.”

For a metal shoe, I wonder how comfortable it can actually be?!

House of Borgezie Cleopatra stilettos

Does it fit? (image:

Having said that, the shape is pretty, although I really don’t like that BORGEZIE is written across the heel and strap (which is much more visible on the gold version).

This is what I think Cinderella’s crystal slippers could’ve looked like if they were sandals (minus the letters – maybe have it to spell CINDERS?), although I much prefer Christian Louboutin’s version of  said slippers! 

The House of Borgezie is also behind the Eternal Borgezie Diamond Stiletto. And wait for it – encrusted with an astounding  2,200 diamonds, with a total weight of 30.00 (!!!) carats.

If the £70K platinum price tag is a bit too much, go for the more affordable white or yellow gold versions of the handcrafted, custom-made Cleopatra, at £60,000 (gasp! again).

House of Borgezie Cleopatra stilettos

Gold-stepper (image:

And there was poor me thinking my very small (but perfectly formed) collection of classic Loubis was something else…

If you want to take a peek, head over to The House of Borgezie website.

Lara Bohinc shoe crush


Lara Bohinc's Constructivist Manifesto StilettoOooh, I’ve developed a new shoe crush – and I am not at all surprised it is over one of Lara Bohinc’s pairs – hers was also my favourite from the Elle Accessories Report.

The amazing “Constructivist Manifest Stiletto”  in cappuccino python and brown is so amazing and indeed as described on their site: a contemporary take on the timeless stiletto. I love the  whole shoe architecture, they are beautifully structured from heels to upper. The gold platforms and robust heels are complemented by the texture, pattern and colour – although the python black is just as desirable.

Lara Bohinc’s site is packed with gorgeous, exquisite yet wearable designs, well worth checking – I dare you not to covet!

I really need to start making larger deposits into my shoe fund, as my appetite for  these beauties is only growing…