Makeup brushes with a soul

Kohl Kreatives brush review How great is it to come across a brand that is pretty cool, created by a lovely young woman and does some charity work?

That’s how I felt when I met Kohl Kreatives founder Trishna Daswaney. And I could not wait to try.

Kohl Kreatives brush review I got The 3ss3ntials set, part of the Shapes collection, with three standing brushes that include possibly my favourite foundation brush: the big circle.

It applies foundation smoothly and evenly with only a few sweeps. I noticed I even use less foundation!

It’s packed with vegan bristles that are ever so soft and feel great against skin. The ergonomic shape means it is easy to hold and manoeuvre and they are very pretty in white and rose gold.

Kohl Kreatives brush review The square is great for concealer and the rectangle great for lining – eyes and lips!

Now, Kohl Kreatives really got to my heart with their charity Kohl Kares #MyArmour campaign, which looks to help men and women recreate their features with makeup, including transgender individuals transitioning, cancer patients, sufferers of skin conditions and people with scars that resulted from severe accidents.

Kohl Kreatives brush review Proceeds from every sale goes towards the Kohl Kares charity which runs free workshops and are generally very open to help if you reach out to them!

Kohl Kreatives brush review In all honesty, a huge pleasure, and honour to have been exposed to something like this – that marries a passion, a taltented female and the will to help others – and be able to share the news!

You can get the lovely Shapes Collection now on the Kohl Kreatives website, from £15.99 an individual brush. The 3ss3ntials set costs £34.99.

Launching soon is their Flex Collection, where the brushes have a flexible head, making application even easier. Pre order now: £35, for five lovely brushes.

written by Dani

You know the drill, but I’ll say again: this post contains GIFTED PR samples. This review, however, is based on my experience with the product and reflects my honest opinion on them.

Npower Lights up the Sky in aid of Macmillan Cancer Support

How about sending a glittering interactive hologram message into the London night sky and in the process help Macmillan Cancer Support continue their precious work?

Sprinkling some magic over the capital’s skyline, Light Sky sees the glamorous Amanda Holden team up with npower to help raise funds for the cancer charity. She kicked off the Christmas campaign by sending the first message, one of love, into the sky at the Southbank Observation Point.

If you are in the area, pop in and talk to one of the friendly guys over there – you can donate, send your own message and watch the beautiful spectacle illuminate the sky. If you are not in the capital, you can still spread love, support and hope by going to

Sent in person or online, the message will be projected among London’s landmarks and you will get a video of it via email, to share and treasure.

I was very lucky to be part of the launch during a cold, but cheerful, evening and Amanda, who looked amazing in red, said she felt “privileged to be a part of this campaign; Macmillan Cancer Support is a great charity which provides crucial support for people affected by cancer” and urged people to take part.

As one of the first to do so, I (made my donations and) shared two messages; one to my beloved grandfather, who passed away last month in Brazil, and it shone up in the sky the way I am sure he is shining now.

As I had no time to say my goodbyes and hadn’t seen him in a while, I wanted him to know he will forever be with me.

The second message was to my aunt, to echo as her optimism, strength and hope through very recent tough times with surgeries and waiting for biopsies results.

As she is also in Brazil, I want to reinforce that she is supported, loved and I am adding to the hope everything will be alright.

MacMillan Cancer Support does amazing work with people affected by cancer, be it practical, emotional and personal support. They are there during treatment, to help with work and money worries, and listen when people need to talk about their feelings.

MacMillan does not receive any government funding, so every donation counts towards keeping their fantastic work going.

One in two people are likely to get cancer in their lifetime and, not wanting to play the scare card and more putting things into perspective, the support of a charity like Macmillan would probably keep someone like me, who has been living alone in a foreign country for many years, stronger and more hopeful to fight through such a difficult time, should that happen.

And npower, which is putting on the stunning light show, is a long-standing partner of Macmillan, helping people affected by cancer to keep warm without worrying about the costs.

Take part sending as many messages as you can; the suggested donation is £4 per message. Not only will they light up the sky and the heart of your loved ones, but will also be helping those affected by cancer. How amazing is that?

Head off to the Southbank Observation Point in London (58-72 Upper Ground, Gabriel’s Wharf, SE1 9LT) between 5pm-10pm or get online at

written by Dani

This post of was created in partnership with npower. I do, however, believe it is a great cause to support, so get on the site, for this campaign or just a straight on donation!

Three at the Roundhouse – a night of music

three_at_the_roundhouse_somanylovelythings - 6I cheated. On my iPhone with a Samsung Galaxy S6. Admittedly, it was a one night stand and I have to say  the performance impressed me.

Especially the camera quality, the beauty mode (hello, pretty) and various other options. Cool.

Three UK, rated by YouGov the most reliable network presented us their  recently launched their 4G SuperVoice which has a better coverage – even in the depths of Roundhouse –  and allows us to make call via 4G.

Using a complete different handset was easier than I thought; the network didn’t fail me and I manage to social network away!

Three took me for an exclusive tour of the iconic music venue Roundhouse, in Camden, London, to find out more about their great work with young creatives, who can use the studios in the Paul Hamlyn Roundhouse studios to develop their talents, be it music, TV, radio, performing arts and much more.

Young artists can join courses, programmes or hire studios and equipment for very affordable fees.

If you are between 17 and 25, and want to develop your talents, get in touch with Roundhouse to check out their offer, they have a fab support system to help you thrive!

Three partnered up with the Joe Strummer Foundation for this event. We visited the Strummerville studio, which has some original Joe Stummer lyrics on the wall and also heard about the foundation charitable work and were invited to The Monarch for an intimate performance by two of their recently signed artist: Lyza Jane and Bless.

Lyza Jane is singer, songwriter and producer, but also a lovely bright little thing with the kind of singing voice I like: soft, almost raspy, lingering and striking. She sings from emotions, has supported Alabama 3 and has been going solo for about three years.

She also performed in Glasto at the Rabbit Hole a few times! Definitely one to watch out.

You can catch her on YouTube and Soundcloud. She also has a cute and sassy clothing range, Pantsu & Pantsu which has tees and knickers, mainly, with embroidery and pom-poms. worth checking!

The other act was a band, Bless, which has a heavier sound and I caught myself dancing(ish) along to.

The guys are great fun, we had a fab chat; it is amazing to talk about what inspires their creations, the process in a group and the sudden suggestion of shots!

They all know each other from a long time, were in different bands before and decided to do music together in January.

They’ve been touring France and will have their first London gig on the 11 December at the Monarch.  You can check out their site for dates.

Overall, a great night! Thanks Three UK for having me and for the AMAZING furry hand selfie stick I came home with.

If you want to know more about Three UK, check out their site for all available handsets and options.


Shoes news: when shoes do good

image: VOGUE UK

image: VOGUE UK

How lovely was to see Sandra Bullock, who voices Scarlet Overkill in Minions 2, auctioning a lot of 10 Rupert Sanderson’s Minions inspired stilettos, not only raising the money from the sales but matching the amount herself.

They are very unusual shoes, I have to say, but the Minion fever, and the charity aspect, as well as Bullock’s autograph, raised an epic US$42,425. With Sandra’s matching, the amount went to almost US$85K, all going to the Art + Practice charity, which helps foster youth in LA, encouraging education and culture.

As for the shoes, I find them very cute. And that’s the kind of shoes news that makes me smile even more.

Read more about shoes.


Specsavers Red Nose Day Glasses for Comic Relief – Make your Face Funny for Money

specsavers red nose day glasses - comic relief

Specsavers has teamed up with Comic Relief as an official partner to Red Nose Day. To help raise money, they came up with some very funny specs.

And they are asking people all over the country to proudly show their funny faces – enter the Red Nose Day Glasses, which will add a super silly touch to the faces you pull!

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