Specsavers Red Nose Day Glasses for Comic Relief – Make your Face Funny for Money

specsavers red nose day glasses - comic relief

Specsavers has teamed up with Comic Relief as an official partner to Red Nose Day. To help raise money, they came up with some very funny specs.

And they are asking people all over the country to proudly show their funny faces – enter the Red Nose Day Glasses, which will add a super silly touch to the faces you pull!

specsavers red nose day glasses

I am a specs wearer and even though I usually wear my own eyebrows, I couldn’t resist wearing these hilarious glasses and pulling some faces – quite lame, I think anyone can do better!

The red-rimmed-comic-eyebrow bearing glasses come in two sizes: small and large to (not) suit all faces!

A pair cost £3, with a £1 going to Comic Relief, which help fight poverty in the UK and across Africa.

That £1 can pay, for example, for a Malaria test in a child in Uganda – early diagnosis is vital for successful treatment.

So go on, get your Specsavers glasses in store and make a hilarious face using the hashtag #funnyformoney. Helping can be fun!

Remember – Red Nose Day is on the 13th March. To find out more, check out the Specsavers website.



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