What I’ve been wearing – 18/02/15

I know, it has been soooo long since I posted an outfit entry. It is not that I’ve been walking around naked or been wearing track suit bottoms day in and day out – it’s more like a mix of lack of time to photograph and boredom with the winter wardrobe!

But now… winds are (I hope they are) changing…. and I feel excited about wardrobes again! Here is my latest selection:

Outfit #1

outfit 1 - somanylovelythings

Tomato red backless top from Boohoo, black pencil skirt from H&M, black court shoes from Christian Louboutin (Pigalle), belt and necklace from Primark, rings from Sobral, Primark and H&M. Bracelet tattoo from Paperself.

Outfit #2

outfit 2 - somanylovelythings

Jacket and mini skirt patterned coordinate from New Look, black top from H&M, heel by Christian Louboutin (Decolette), bag from Michael Kors, necklace from new Look, rings from The Rogue + The Wolf, H&M and New Look.

Outfit #3

outfit 3 - somanylovelythings

Green blouse from Primark, black pencil skirt from H&M, white, black and gold heels from Zara, belt from Primark, rings from Sobral, Primark and H&M.

Outfit #4

outfit 4 - somanylovelythingsBurgundy top from Forever 21, black pencil skirt from H&M, heels from Christian Louboutin (Decolette), necklace from Primark, rings from New Look, Primark, H&M and Forever 21

Outfit #5

outfit 5 - somanylovelythings

Old favourite flowery playsuit from Forever 21, heels from Christian Louboutin (Pigalle), handbag from Kate Spade, necklace from Miss Selfridge, rings from Sobral, Primark and New Look.

What have you been loving lately?


10 thoughts on “What I’ve been wearing – 18/02/15

  1. Hi Dani,,, As you might have guessed…. I *LOVE (ALL) the outfits & how they look !!!!! & those I have seen from outfits 1-4 from this Post,,, & as I am looking further on your Blog……there’s even (MORE) Outfits that I am defiantly still want to see & look at…. Dani,,, you do have a very good eye / style of the clothing u wear,,,,, I am so glad I found your blog on the internet- Now…I will speak / explain why I have enjoyed looking / learning of things girly from your Blog/posts: As U already know…. I am a Cross dresser,,,& so when looking at (you) & your styles / makeup I see myself as what my fem-side would want to look like….if I was born a woman,,, it would defiantly be the very same as you… I (LOVE) it !!!! & yes,,, there are other blogs that I also read & learn & LOVE the way the other woman look as well,,,, so this of what i have mentioned to you from my so called fem-side known as Kelly,,,, now im speaking as a guy (Me) lol in Guy-mode….W0W…your a *Knock-out !!!!!! looking young woman,,,, & so as a guy me…..looking at you,,, *Very, very N I C E !!!!! & I LOVE that your a Glam-girl with such good *Class & style….*AWESOME Post,,, thank you for sharing 🙂 !!!!

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    • Thank you! 🙂
      Well, I wouldn’t really say they are that comfortable, I have to confess… the decollete is now very comfy, pigalle is getting there. Once you break them in, they can be – but it takes some time! It helps if you are very used to wearing heels! I am and suffered a little bit, hehehe
      But I wouldn’t change them for the world!
      Thanks for your visit and comment!
      Dani x

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  2. You’re outfit nr. 1 is stunning! Beautiful done. Where do one get that backless top????? I can’t find it at any of your suggested webshops :(.

    I’m also jealous of your Louboutin!


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