Nails of the week: Metallic lilac and blue gradient

models own colour chrome mauve and indigo - somanylovelythings

Yes, there is a new gradient on the blog! But this time is a different one as I am using Models Own Colour Chrome nail polishes.

These polishes have a “liquid metal” effect and for this mani I used the lovely lilac Mauve and the blue Indigo.

I reversed the gradient in alternate nails – I painted a whole nail each colour and using the other colour, I dabbed the tip with a wet makeup sponge. This method is really quick compared with the full sponging I did in the past, as well as being cleaner! Win all round.

The Colour Chrome nail polishes have a lovely effect, but they do leave some brush strokes.

For the gradient, it was even more complicated, as I was left with a few sponge pitted marks. Nothing terrible, but it does happen, and I was very careful!

I also feel that it doesn’t age that well (and I used a topcoat) and even though it doesn’t chip, the colour seems to wear a bit looking less nice after a few days.

I also noticed that this polish peels off quite easily, even with a good topcoat on. Not that keen on the durability.

Overall, very nice colours. I got a few more and they will be making an appearance very soon!



– as it is dead pretty!



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