Review: Real Techniques Bold Metals makeup brushes


There was a lot of talk about the Real Techniques Bold Metals brushes. The main one was pricing, followed by their sheer prettiness. But how do they do the job?

All brushes are super soft. They have a fantastic weight on the handle meaning it helps to make application lighter. Especially good for me as I am a hit heavy-handed when applying makeup.

They feel luxurious and are in fact of a superior quality. On prettiness, they win. Beautiful gold, silver and rose gold handles and ferrules shine. The design is sleek with their triangular handles. Gorgeous.

100 Arched Powder (£25)

This lovely and imposing dome-shaped brush is über soft and has a lot of bristles. Picks up a reasonable amount of powder and distributes really well on the skin. It feels divine on the face.

300 Tapered Blush (£24)

I was a bit suspicious of a non-angled blusher brush, and was pleasantly surprised; this baby, with its specially designed tip places the blusher precisely and blends it really well, with minimum effort. It is also great to apply highlighter.

201 Pointed Crease (£12)

Again, I was skeptical. I am used to working my crease with fluffy smoker brushes. This seemed too pointy and hard for the purpose – a “pencil” brush that is a bit too thick to work as such. It was my biggest surprise, really.

It blends the crease beautifully, offering smokiness but also good definition. Not too big for the crease as I originally thought; as it is very dense, it gets in there with enough bite.

200 Oval Shadow (£15)

Now, I have possible a hundred oval shaders like this but decided to purchase this one after a wave of excitement with the ones I was sent.

On first impressions, it was bigger than my usual oval shader and I thought that might be a problem. However, the bigger size only made application quicker – one sweep across and the whole lid was filled. This might be a problem for people with small eyes.

I also noticed that its tip is fluffier than the others I have, meaning it picks up a bit less product, which gives you more control but requires multiple applications to get a more saturated colour.

Overall, I’d say they are worth the money, even at its most expensive £25 for the powder one; I find this proce is very good for a brush of this caliber.

Even though I haven’t yet used them for months to comment on their durability, they seem sturdy enough; not only the structure, but also the bristles. It will be interesting to see how they fare after cleaning.

All brushes have strong brass ferrules and super soft white bristles (so we can see how much product was picked up) with tapered tips for better product pick-up and finish; handles are tapered (so they slide easily in and out of makeup belts or trays) and weighted for control ad comfort).

Apart from the brushes I tried, there are three more in the collection: 101 Triangle Foundation (£22), 202 Angled Liner (£10) and the amazing (think I may invest!) 301 Flat Contour (£22).

The amazing Real Techniques Bold Metals brushes are available exclusively at Boots (UK) and Ulta (US).


This post contains PR samples. This review, however, is based on my experience with the product and reflects my honest opinion on them.

2 thoughts on “Review: Real Techniques Bold Metals makeup brushes

  1. I love your review on these brushes – I’ve been searching for a review on them and yours’ came right on time! They look incredible on application and your makeup looks utterly flawless. I’m totally on the boat for these babies now, especially the blush brush. Thank you for sharing, girl!


    • Hi Victoria
      I am glad the review helped you make up your mind. Yes, they are pricey, but only if compared to the other Real Techniques brushes; for their quality, I think they are great value!
      Still have my sights on the contouring one, will probably buy soon!
      Thanks for visiting the blog and taking the time to comment.
      Dani x

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