Pam Hogg Autumn/Winter 15 Diamond Dogs and Demons


Just for going under the Diamond Dogs and Demons title, I knew I was going to like this Pam Hogg show.

After a long wait – the show was running more than an hour late – the dimmed lights and the wolf howl announced the beginning of a dark, twisted fairytale.

They had me at the very beginning when a sexy red riding hood being “chased” by a dark creature (with the most fabulous forest/raven hairpiece) stormed the catwalk.

A red and black procession then commenced, as if cards in a deck, as the (scary) priest-like characters graced the catwalk with their latex-shining fashionable gloom. Loose, drapey shapes, eye patches and flame-like headpieces seem to be the order.

In a change of shape, full skirts came into the scene. More shine and a shift to lighter shades ensued. Rich embroidery and studding sparkled under the lights of the Freemason’s Hall.

Other designs also saw transparency, leather, velvet, mix of textures and metallic fabrics. After the first few, I was pleasantly surprised with the pretty feminine silhouettes – the gold rose cape and full skirt with swallow-ish shapes is possibly my favourite, followed by the flowery (if not a bit naked) closing number, which was a lovely splash of bright colours to “cleanse the palate”.

All, of course, heavy with Hogg’s punk rock style and a considerable touch of fetish, even the brown leather cowboy-indians reminiscing designs.

Capes, which were dotted throughout the show – from cropped to knee-length and even super-hero like, don’t seem to be going anywhere, slogans in clothing, neither – the “diamond (shape), dogs and demons” appeared a few times. Statement gloves (thanks, Amal, not so much Lady Gaga) are also in.

Make up was a mix of somber, worn-out smokey eyes and “scars” for the villains and barely there. Lips were either nude (with some corpse-like) or strong in red. All models wore huge spidery eye lashes.

Nails were either black or a sheer pearlescent gold, when not covered by gloves. Hair was mostly big and/or adorned with exquisite hair pieces – the crow and the flowers were my favourites, but the flame crowns were also cool. Earrings, piercing and tattoos were also present.

Oh, the shoes…. sky-high and full of fetish – including over-the-knee patent boots and cuffed heels. Red Riding Hood’s one is my favourite, followed by the metallics towards the end.

Add to that Diamond Dogs (of course) from David Bowie and voilá: who would have thought that the combination of diamonds, dogs and demons would be more wonderful than weird?

If London is the rebel of the fashion world, Pam damn well makes justice to that title. I’ll take her to tell me fairy tales any time.

DaniThanks Pop PR for the invitation and the pictures – mine weren’t all that good!


2 thoughts on “Pam Hogg Autumn/Winter 15 Diamond Dogs and Demons

  1. hmm? for ( ME ) its not something I am use too,,, (Sorry 😦 ) But the way u wrote the post & explained it is….Awesome,,, I do hope because of what I said…. that U wont be upset with me….Kelly


    • Hi Kelly! I know what you mean, it is a bit crazy, a bit out there. Personally, I quite like when shows are quite weird, after all, I want a spectacle and not normal clothes I see every day at Topshop, hahahahahahaha!
      I like this designer, she helps keep the rebellious London in check – she’s been around since the punk rock 80s and I really appreciate that side of London fashion is still there to be seen!
      But it is not to everyone’s taste!
      Thanks for visiting 😀
      Dani x

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