Review: Paperself Tattoo Me

paperself tattoo me temporary tattoos

Temporary tattoos we around for the last summer, but they seem to be going mainstream this year. Paperself, the lovely lash brand, has launched a line called Tattoo Me, which has, amongst other, many great jewellery designs.

I tried a charm bracelet set themed around sewing. Now, I sew, but I’m not sure I’d wear a whole bracelet full of sewing objects, as charming as this one is.

paperself tattoo me temporary tattoos

Still, the designs are super pretty, so I decide to apply the chain and one charm – an intricate pair of scissors (which I adapted to look less scissor-y).

It is very delicate and looks lovely on the skin. Very easy to apply – just cut it, remove the protective film, apply to sin and wet the paper. Pat dry with a towel and remove the paper and the tattoo will stay in place. It lasted a couple of days, as I moisturise a fair bit.

What I really like about this is that small chains (which are going to be very in for SS15) always move about. If the have a little char, you bet it will drop to the inside of your wrist. A jewellery tattoo makes sure the item is always in the right place. I like that.

I also like that these tattoos have a guid of the design on the back of the paper, so you know exactly where the design is going!

Paperself has a great range, with beautiful, intricate designs, which is expected, given their AMAZING paper lashes (you should check them out). The necklaces are really beautiful.

There some 20’s themed sets and other super pretty things. Paperself Tattoo Me temporary tattoos cost between £5 and £8.50 and you can get them form their website.

This “My Favourite Things” bracelet costs £6 for 2 sets and although I tried the sewing themed one, I love the “Girls and “Wonderland” ones, amongst others!

As I mentioned, I’ve loved Paperself lashes for quite sometime – check out the butterfly and peacock eye designs I did around their paper lashes.

They also do some gorgeous postcards and a couple decorative items. Well worth checking.


This post contains PR samples. This review, however, is based on my experience with the product and reflects my honest opinion on them.

4 thoughts on “Review: Paperself Tattoo Me

  1. hmm ? I can see Kelly wearing a tattoo like the 1 on your wrist,,, very-nice & even 1 for around her ankles when perhaps ? wearing leggings,,, I will be attending a C-dressers event,, ,,my – very first outing !!!! yippee!!!!!!! thanks Dani I hope all is & has been well for u…..Nice post,, Kelly p.s. nice product & review too


    • Hey Kelly!
      I can see Kelly wearing that too – I think it would look fab as an anklet!
      That is very great news about your very first c-dressing event! Have you thought about the outfit? So exciting!!!!!
      All is good here, had the flu but now almost 100% recovered.
      Let me know how you get on at the event! Have loads of fun!
      Dani x

      Liked by 1 person

  2. Hi Dani,,, I am sure glad to hear your feeling better* As far as what I….think? I’ll wear at the event im almost 98%- sure I will be wearing a outfit which will consist of wearing pants / leggings / footless pantyhose which I think those that I have are called a legging or ? in the family of that type of clothing,, I would (Really) like to wear a skirt / dress but-? im,, just not ready for that (yet) the event,,, is a type of a ball- which they have said to wear a Gown,, BUT….it also said: to wear other too,, but there not really looking for any-1 to dress up in casual so ??? I am still deciding a outfit that is nice & looks *Classy !!!! After the event I will be putting up a full length picture of myself including my (FACE) Which will be a *FIRST Time for me doing that on my-Blog. I am still pretty much new to this C-dressing lol So…will see how things go ? lol 🙂 thanx Dani for being *Kind to me….as I have told u….along with some other blogs I go on to learn,,, I *ENJOY reading yours,,, for your reviews & the style of your makeup….& the clothing u wear…. O.M.Goodness just *LOVE your outfits / style,,,, hope your weekend has been nice for U…..:) Kelly


    • I am a nightmare to decide what to wear, so totally understand – I suppose you should wear whatever you feel comfortable in, and yet, still glam. Maybe you could go for a long dress? 😀
      I am sure you are going to pick something great! That is HUGE – first time ever to post full body and face? Cannot wait to see it!
      And thank you so much for being round the blog and always posting lovely comments about the stuff I write and wear!
      Weekend was good; hope yours was too!
      Dani x

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