Looking ahead: AW16, anyone?

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Oh, yeah, gimme red!

As Alanis Morissette would say: Isn’t it ironic? The weather is only just warming up (use that with caution) in almost mid-August but my ever wandering eyes cannot stop ogling over AW16.

I may even have bought a couple pieces… and GOSH kicked out the vibe providing me with amazing makeup for the season… So what do I have my eyes on?

Well… read on…

Cherry, vibrant red, I am looking at you. Yes. Not that I stopped wearing you, as you are my classic fave colour… but you are so in. Updated the sober autumnal look with that cherry pop.

Another colour you’re gonna have lots of for the season is pink. I don’t need to say how much I love that.

Sandals. Yes, sandals. I have just fallen in blind love with pop socks and it looks like they will stay with me with my winter sandals.

For the more conservative ones, pick less delicate sandals with block heels, and a counter. But those strappy ones you abused of in the summer are also in.

Socks, tights or both. Gucci AW16 lis the inspiration. Learn.

Matchy match bags and shoes was huge in the late nineties/early noughties. Well, it’s back. Live with it. My OCD thanks you, AW16.

Still on shoes, boots. Of course boots, for winter. Doh-oooh. But I am talking kinky books. Detailed, over the knee, tied-up, high-heeled statement boots.


I’ll take the cut-out, thank you.

British heritage fabrics. Now, I find them hard t wear, being from Brazil and all… but with the re-vamped silhouettes this season, I think things will be easier. VB bustier anyone? Thanks.


Probably around 5 of those in my wardrobe right now…

The slip dress doesn’t seem to be going anywhere… especially when the silks are back with a revenge. Suits me right: slip dresses are easy to wear and dead comfortable.

08 Jan 2001, Los Angeles, California, USA --- Britney Spears and Justin Timberlake, arriving at the 28th annual American Music Awards, held at the Shrine Auditorium. --- Image by © Frank Trapper/Corbis

Hold on….Not going *that* far…

And while we are at the 90s, let’s talk about denim: I’ve been dodging it; bought a pair of jeans here, a shirt there…. but it’s already everywhere.

I am not going to discard the possibility of pulling a Justin and Britney. Ok, I will NEVER touch it *cringe*.

As we are talking denim, let’s not forget embroidery and badges. Huge. Still. Get sticking!



Talk about coats for AW is a bit silly. Of course there will be coats. Think trenches, capes, puffas… the usual suspects. But also pretty (embroided, hello!), shiny… Love.

Oh, and don’t forget the military.

I talked about this Alexander McQueen coat before. God, it’s dreamy.


Growing on me this velvet business…

Finally, velvet. I am torn when it comes to velvet: the texture is undeniably delicious, but it is quite unforgivable on the bumps.

Still, the opulence is undeniable. I think I like the vampy vibe. Might start slow, with a little crop or something. In black or navy. For now.

Like the bling? Well… spread the family jewels around. Hair, face jewellery, shoes, handbags… aplenty!


Crown me… crown me!

Embellishments are huge for AW16 – jewels, embroidery, badges, as already mentioned, but sequins, stones, crystals… Sometimes altogether. GO big or go home never made more sense.

What have you got an eye on for the new season (and I am hoping it takes a little while to arrive, honestly!)



Hooking up with my (shoe) crush

Velvet Mushnik feather trim shoes, very.co.ukWell, the say you never forget your first love. Maybe it wasn’t love, but I have previously opened my heart about my very first Autumn/Winter 11-12 crush,  the Mushnik velvet feather trim shoes from Very.co.uk, which I came across on Coco’s Tea Party blog.

It turns out it is now available for sale, and the price is even better than publicised before: for a mere £38 you can get hold of these lovely shoes.

So I did – I could not neglect the powers of this crush, also, I really obsess with stuff.  I have succumbed to buying A/W items in July. There is no hope.

First of all, having never ordered from them before, I was very pleasantly surprised with Very’s service: placed my order on Monday 25/07 at around midday and requested delivery to a Collect+ point near work (I am now a massive fan of Collect+, everyone who retails online should use them!) and by 10am on Tuesday 26/07, I received a text saying my item was ready to collect. Thumbs up for them.

Velvet Mushnik feather trim shoes, very.co.ukNow, back to the shoes – they are very period drama like – maybe it is the velvet, or the deep burgundy on them, maybe it is just the combo of the fabric with the feathers and “jewels”, it just hides enough of the peep-toe, making it ideal to wear with thicker tights in the colder months. It is a statement shoe, but without being too overpowering.

It is quite true to size, a comfortable 4, almost a 4.5 to be exact and even though it has 5 inches heels, there is a considerable hidden platform, I found them rather comfortable (I was wearing them for ages to get the pictures taken, still to see how they fare on a night out!).

With my eyes on the A/W trends, I have decided I will wear them with a mustard lace dress I bought (ok, alright, the shoes were not the first A/W item I bought this season, go on, judge me!), and I think it will look fab!

I have now more staple items than ever on my new season to buy list, and if the thought of cold, dark, 30-layers-that-make-u you-look-ginormous 5 months to come  is enough to make me depressed, building my new season wardrobe is the silver lining that keeps me going!

*P.S.: I might ogling and dribbling over A/W stuff, and even buying a few (I am actually suffering in silence, trying not to max out my credit card on new season stuff!)- it doesn’t mean I gave up on summer – never – even if it is grey, wet and with temperatures so pathetic that are just above the winter days in my home country.

First Autumn/Winter crush

'Mushnick' Feather Trim Velvet Shoe, £47

Please don't break my heart!

Coco’s Tea Party has introduced me to my very first A/W crush this year: these more than lovely, gorgeous, to-die-for “Mushnick” feather trim velvet shoes. As I laid my eyes on them, I immediately imagined at least 3 outfits combinations!

I know I have been moaning about the fact all the shops I ever bought from online keep sending me emails with the new collections, and even though I am very excited about what I am going to be wearing in a few months, I am not making any significant purchases  – I haven’t given up summer yet. But just have to have them!

Also, at £47, they are practically begging to be bought – please be available at Very soon!!!