Shoe porn!

Unmissable: 100 best shoes for Autumn/Winter 2011-12, courtesy of Vogue UK, and with options for all pockets – nice one!

Very hard to choose your favourite, but mine has to be the super fierce Louboutin crystal and studs covered Pigalili (pictured), followed by a lovely spikey heel Zara number, a killer Camilla Skovgaard skyscraper and a metallic textured Nicholas Kirkwood pair…  I so could go on!

Check the full gallery here


New season campaigns

Sigrid Agren, Joan Smalls, Emily Baker and Abbey Lee, with boys Lenz Von Johnston, Anthon Wellsjo, Duco Ferwerda, photographed by Mert & Marcus. Just checked out this Vogue picture gallery on the best shots from this season’s advertising campaign.  Luxury brands, big names and great photographers – I really loved this selection.

The Gucci shot, by Mert & Marcus, is by far my favourite, I adore the colours – this is the kind of new season image I have in my head  – the outfits are luscious, there is fur, there is drama, (there is a guy!!!), the composition is great, the light, the make up… all so wonderful!  Yet, what I really love about this picture is that it oozes decadence.

I was also keen on the pictures from Armani (image 5) , Tom Ford (image 11) and this amazing dress from Donna Karan (image16), wow!

Must be noted though, as much as I like Helena Bonham-Carter/think she is a good choice for Marc Jacobs/the shot is indeed imaginative (image 22), to me, it looks a bit odd, as if she is a cut up mermaid and even though I think this was the intention, it just makes me feel a bit funny. Having said that,  the more I look at it, the more I like it,  in a very weird way – Bonham Carter is definitely the right choice for such a quirky snap!

Which one is your favourite?

Hooking up with my (shoe) crush

Velvet Mushnik feather trim shoes,, the say you never forget your first love. Maybe it wasn’t love, but I have previously opened my heart about my very first Autumn/Winter 11-12 crush,  the Mushnik velvet feather trim shoes from, which I came across on Coco’s Tea Party blog.

It turns out it is now available for sale, and the price is even better than publicised before: for a mere £38 you can get hold of these lovely shoes.

So I did – I could not neglect the powers of this crush, also, I really obsess with stuff.  I have succumbed to buying A/W items in July. There is no hope.

First of all, having never ordered from them before, I was very pleasantly surprised with Very’s service: placed my order on Monday 25/07 at around midday and requested delivery to a Collect+ point near work (I am now a massive fan of Collect+, everyone who retails online should use them!) and by 10am on Tuesday 26/07, I received a text saying my item was ready to collect. Thumbs up for them.

Velvet Mushnik feather trim shoes,, back to the shoes – they are very period drama like – maybe it is the velvet, or the deep burgundy on them, maybe it is just the combo of the fabric with the feathers and “jewels”, it just hides enough of the peep-toe, making it ideal to wear with thicker tights in the colder months. It is a statement shoe, but without being too overpowering.

It is quite true to size, a comfortable 4, almost a 4.5 to be exact and even though it has 5 inches heels, there is a considerable hidden platform, I found them rather comfortable (I was wearing them for ages to get the pictures taken, still to see how they fare on a night out!).

With my eyes on the A/W trends, I have decided I will wear them with a mustard lace dress I bought (ok, alright, the shoes were not the first A/W item I bought this season, go on, judge me!), and I think it will look fab!

I have now more staple items than ever on my new season to buy list, and if the thought of cold, dark, 30-layers-that-make-u you-look-ginormous 5 months to come  is enough to make me depressed, building my new season wardrobe is the silver lining that keeps me going!

*P.S.: I might ogling and dribbling over A/W stuff, and even buying a few (I am actually suffering in silence, trying not to max out my credit card on new season stuff!)- it doesn’t mean I gave up on summer – never – even if it is grey, wet and with temperatures so pathetic that are just above the winter days in my home country.