New shoes – Zara black peep toes!

Zara shoes, Dani Dutra

Following my constant drooling at Vogue’s 100 best shoes gallery, and also the mention of pairs for every budget, I ended up succumbing to a lovely pair that was one of my favourites amongst their selection: super pretty black peep toes from Zara, with a killer spikey heel and lovely golden rimmed flower petals in the back.

I found this shoes to be a real bargain at £49.99,  as they are 100% goat skin. They are super high at a towering 13 cm (and a concealed platform of almost 3cm), and a bit hard, but I think that they will be easy to break into and reasonably comfortable when I do, as the leather is super soft.

Cannot wait to wear them!

Still thinking about the glittery KG shoes, but trying to resist… I am a little less obsessed, but it has been hard. I hope I am strong enough, I don’t think I really need those shoes (in the sensible way – I was never one for the glitter shoes, really). I have been *very* good so far, maybe will wait until the sales and buy then!

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