Agent Provocateur Behind Closed Doors – Spring/Summer 2014 collection

Janet agent provocateur

Janet design

Lingerie – all of us girls wear it. And it is (most of the time) a behind-closed-doors thing – and that is the name of Agent Provocateur campaign for SS14. And it is shot by no one less than Miles Aldridge, the master of glam in the common, ordinary place photography.

Petunia agent provocateur

Petunia design

And I say no one better to shoot for this campaign, which is inspired by the Stepford Wives, and brings us the distorted reality of a perfect life, leaving people wondering about what goes on behind closed doors.

The collection counts with strong colours like purples and reds, jade, acid yellow, classic black, peekaboo cuts, lace, gingham and embroidery. There is also a bridal line.

Marnee agent provocateur

Marnee design

The campaign creative director says it was inspired by “the pristine and glossy 1950’s housewife” and the irony of the perfect woman, who has it all and is “unfazed by daily pressures”. The photographer describes shooting for Agent Provocateur as his “childhood dream come true”.

Gloria agent provocateur

Gloria design

Thing is – I love Miles Aldridge, and found the campaign very pretty. It has that darkness of extreme perfection that is hardly achievable, but is so great to look at.

Tina agent provocateur

Tina design

Apart from loving Aldridge’s work, I also found the collection gorgeous. I bet we would let the sexy in us out and look fabulous in those knickers! I particularly like the intricate Petunia line and Marnee (and I wouldn’t just wear that one behind closed doors!). I also LOVE (really, really love) their Seam & Heel stockings – black with red is just perfect! They also have stockings in bright colours and polka dot hold ups!

Gretel agent provocateur

Gretel design

You can take a peek and shop the Behind Closed Doors collection on the Agent Provocateur website – some lovely designs are still to be launched but can already been seen on the site, priced from £25 (stockings) to £595 (silk kimonos)

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