Having a Boohoo Christmas



When Boohoo got in touch with a collaboration idea, I jumped to it; yes, I would love to how recreate an old Christmas snap.

It’s no news that I love Christmas and it would be great to get involved in a seasonal project with a brand I like and am very familiar with.


It did dawn on me that I would have to ask my mum in Brazil to dig out pictures that have been away for about 30 years. As I don’t have any family here, I would have to be one of me alone. I was hoping for a Christmas tree one, to be honest.

But that didn’t happen. We found out we don’t have as many Christmas pictures as we thought we did. So I was stuck with an early 80’s Santa.

dani and santa 1983


The Boohoo team made a great selection to match my 80’s summer Christmas attire: the lovely Jemima logo tee “I’m on Santa’s naughty list” (how did they know?) and the very cute Lucy Lace Trim Crepe shorts in Berry. I added tan sandals and a red hair tie, with minimal make up (I was only 4 in that picture!).

Then I realised the Santa costume I had a t home had been misplaced and I had no time to order a new one. And although it seems ridiculous that child-free me goes in to sit on Santa’s lap, I was very up for it, but I had no idea the two nearest grottos were fully booked.

On that realisation, I had to be resourceful, after all, it is such a fun project with a brand I really like and been a client for quite some time….


Working with extremely talented people has it perks – I enlisted the amazing James Offer (check his fantastic work here) to work his magic and fake it until I make it (although I don’t think I will ever manage to book a slot with Santa this year).

To be honest, I am glad we re-used 80’s Santa, as I doubt any 2014 one would like to see me, given I am on that naughty list and carry that proud across my chest.


Boohoo.com has an incredible range of clothes, shoes and accessories, always on pointe for trends. The best thing is that their prices are amazing! Shorts are currently on sale for just a tenner and the tee is also £10.

They have a fab sale on and if you order TODAY before 8pm and use the code HOHOHO, you get free next day delivery (conditions apply) – that means you can sort out any last minute presents or get that stunning outfit for the day!


Let me know what you think:

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