Shoes news: SJP launches bridal

sjp bridal - vogue uk

Manolo, is that you? Oh….

I didn’t think I’d be here to talk about Sarah Jessica Parker’s shoes ever again, after I wrote about not being very keen on the launch.

Well… the SJP launch has sparked the need to talk about it again. Don’t get me wrong, I love SJP. Really do.

First of I like: the more traditional ones are pretty. Lace, pearls, a little blue strip at the heel for the “something blue”. Nice.

And while I think some of the designs are alright, the idea of creating shoes for the non-cream bride is real a market need, AND I believe shoes should be accessible to all, I have a beef with the blatant copy of Blahnik’s cobalt blue satin courts. Eh?

See for yourself: the Manolo Blahnik Hagisi in cobalt

See for yourself: the Manolo Blahnik Hagisi in cobalt

You remembered that first pair in the closet with her apartment with Big? Yes, those shoes. I know, I am such a bitch.

Add a string of jewel colours on the same-ish design and that’s half of the collection.

Uh. No.

So, sorry, SJP, I am sure it will sell like water, as you still are a modern fashion icon. But it wasn’t this time for me. Again.

I am still hoping one day I’ll be dazzled.


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