Dani’s Little Book of Fashion: Life is a holiday

dani dutra - somanylovelythingsAs promised, this is my second holiday look post. The weather was really hot and I wasn’t visiting any mosques, so I decided to wear shorts.

I love denim shorts; they are versatile pieces for day, night, beach, festivals… and even the potential to dress up a bit.

little_book_fashion_holiday2 (1 of 9)The detailing on this mega bargain pair from Primark is just lovely. The crocheted sides add a more feminine edge to the piece, and the distress on the fabric keeps it modern. I think I paid about £10 for it.

This top was a little bit of the case of love at first sight. I actually didn’t buy straight away, but kept going back to it again and again in Topshop, so I got it a few days before travelling, the same day I bought the co-ord from my previous holiday post.

little_book_fashion_holiday2 (2 of 9)

It is my favourite shape: off the shoulder. It is loose, so it balances the amount of leg I am showing quite well.

The lovely frilly hem adds to the boho-ness of it and the crinkle fabric makes it easy to wear straight from the suitcase. Win all around.

little_book_fashion_holiday2 (4 of 9)Hair was kept down but turned into a side plat later on, sunglasses (here my Rayban Clubmaster, once again) were essential.

I managed to get myself a pretty flower that lived in my hair for a little while.

little_book_fashion_holiday2 (5 of 9)The sandals are a very old favourites of mine. They are from River Island and have many colours – blue, purple, zebra, silver and gold, as well as fringing, beading and peacock feathers. Pretty much me in the shape of sandals.

They have a very small heel that makes them much more comfortable than totally flat shoes, and the straps plus back cage are really supportive. Great for walking!

little_book_fashion_holiday2 (7 of 9)I wore my little Michael Kors bag (not pictured), the same as I wore with the previous outfit, as it is a great size for sight-seeing!

Overall, I loved this look.

What about your holiday look? Do share!



Styling and posing: Dani Dutra

Photography: Andy Edwards

Location: Dolmabahçe Palace, Istanbul, Turkey

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