Dani’s Little Book of Fashion: a, well, fashion affair


Photo by @JoinComb for The Apartment

It’s early, I’ve had little sleep, I’ve been so tired I refused champagne. Yes. That. It must be fashion week.

Honestly, I don’t even do that much for it and it is rather tiring. On my day 1 (actually day 2), I was lucky to watch Rohmir frow with Crabtree & Evelyn.


Photo by @JoinComb for The Apartment

They were an official Fashion Scout sponsor this season and created beautifully illustrated special edition packs of their fabulously classic hand creams to celebrate; I had a divine hand scrub and massage, which all Freemason’s Hall guests could have too!

Their #HandsOnFashion hashtag was all over!

Rohmir show was entitled my English Garden and, quite appropriately to Crabtree & Evelyn, had a its share of flowers! A pretty, flowy collection and very wearable. I could certainly do with some pieces.

I also visited the fabulous The Apartment, a space I am very lucky indeed to be invited to. The atmosphere is fantastic, Abi, the founder behind the concept is a joy to be around and she gets it beyond right every season.


Photo by @JoinCOmb for The Apartment

This season’s star had to be the concept room, full of pink balloons. In love.

I had my hair done – a small side plait and some waves and a photo shoot with the amazing guys from Comb. As I mentioned, The Apartment has some fabulous partnerships every season!

I decided to go a bit girly-goth on Saturday. Cats seem to be a recurring LFW theme for me – this season it manifested itself with a Karl Lagerfeld tee, with Choupette illustrated by Tiffany Cooper.


Photo by @JoinComb for The Apartment

Add my little Karl phone cover to it, a dinky cat necklace from Forever 21 and voilá: a theme is re-born.

I also threw my Karl Lagerfeld for Riachuelo jacket in for good measure (it’s London after all).

lfw-5This magnificently full voile skirt, bought from Amazon, was Primed over in 24h for a ridiculous £8.95.

Little dotty socks (I freaking love little socks) are from Primark, these chunky sandals from New Look have been with me forever, handbag is my beloved Chanel, of course, which completed its first birthday with me.


Photo by @JoinComb for The Apartment

Nails were painted grey with Essie Now and Zen, lipstick is the fabulous Di La LA from MDMflow, a cleaner eye with fierce eyeliner and the pretty Eylure Rosie Bea Kitsch lashes.

I loved this look so much! And it worked with flats too, to run around, although I was lucky enough to be ferried around in style (and comfort) by Hyundai – another great Apartment partnership!

I also visited the Pandora lounge and they had Mii makeup, Nails Inc Paint Can nails and the most amazing Pandora treats vending machine!

Lookfantastic also has a fab lounge; when I went, I had a makeup refresh and a fab lip done by Lord & Berry and I also popped to the Perrier Jouët L’Eden in London, which is a gorgeous lounge and bio-responsive garden by Bompas and Parr, part of the London Design Festival (well worth checking their activities this week).

Perrier Jouet L'Eden

I mean, anywhere you can pick your pretty flute from a tree, I am totally in. Glam and gorgeous!

And that was just Saturday…





Dani’s Little Book of Fashion: Life is a holiday

dani dutra - somanylovelythingsAs promised, this is my second holiday look post. The weather was really hot and I wasn’t visiting any mosques, so I decided to wear shorts.

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Trends: what I’ll be wearing for spring/summer 2015


The sun is teasing us – it is actually making appearances but the super chill in the air means my body is still in a wintery mood.

However, my mind is saying GO! to spring!

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Olivia Palermo, the shoe designer

image: Vogue

image: Vogue

Yet another celeb jumping on the designer bandwagon. Although I am rather sceptical about this kind of thing, I kinda like Olivia Palermo (the girls is stylish!) and if the shoes that come out are as lovely as sketches that have been released, I think this has the potential to be a good one.

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Current shoe affair – Schutz fringe sandals

schutz fringe sandals - somanylovelythingsYou might judge me for my shoe promiscuity, but I have no shame. I have a new affair, and I am not hiding it. You can love different shoes in different ways. I am not a one-shoe kind of woman, one is not enough and I am very proud of it.

Excuses aside, I am always falling in love with shoes, and here is the flavour of the month: these amazing black suede barely there high heels sandals with a fringe cuff around the ankle. The uber sexy fringes sweep around your ankles when you walk – or dance. Just HOT!!! And for this reason alone they have been elected my Ibiza sandals, for when I am strutting my stuff around the white island in a few weeks. Plus, they are comfy!!!

schutz fringe sandals - somanylovelythings

They are from Schutz, one of my long time favourites shoe brands in Brazil; this one is called sandália folk franjas preta, from their Folkloric collection. And they were a gift. Yes, a gift from a lovely friend who brought them all the way from home. You know when it is love when people give you shoes, right? Thank you Lu <3.

How long will this affair last? I suspect that in this case, what happens in Ibiza, does not just stay in Ibiza!

See you for the next pair! x

Maxi dresses and the dirty feet curse

A culprit of the dirty feet curse

I am finally into maxi dresses – it did take me a long time, tried a good 3 years ago, when the trend first made a come back, but being 5’2″ makes it really hard for me to find a maxi that doesn’t double up as a mop.

Well, I got a sewing machine, and now nothing can stop me (even if hemming my own dresses takes a couple hours just to mark mark the hem on myself!) I got a good half a dozen!

What bothers me now is the fact that I seem to develop extremely dirty feet when I am wearing maxis and flats, a dark, dusty streak that builds up when I wear for a full day. It is really horrible and I don’t know what to do.

I couldn’t bring myself to post a picture of it, it’s horrible – and now I decided I will not leave the house wearing the maxi+flat combo without a third addition: wet wipes!