Dani’s Little Book of Fashion: We are going on a holiday!

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Ooooh, to go on holidays… Going on holidays for me is more than just relaxing; I like to soak in the culture, the people and especially the food (a lot of it). If it is sunny and there’s a pool or even better, a beach, it’s my heaven.

I also love exploring cities’ rooftops, and Istanbul has plenty of that. Our hotel itself has one of the hippest rooftop bars in town! As well as having a stunning pool. Lucky me.

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To explore the city, I picked an outfit that was pretty “covered” up. It was boiling hot and honestly, a bikini would be too much!

Turkey is predominantly Muslin, so make sure you check the customs of where you are going to stay and be respectful. In Istanbul you are expected to fully cover up to visit the beautiful mosques, including the Blue Mosque.

They do provide tourists with garments, which are free of charge. Apart from the mosques, dress code is pretty relaxed around the city and you will find a mix of everything.

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I picked this beautiful co-ordinate from Topshop (top £26, skirt £36). My obsession with coordinates remains strong, so you will be likely to see a lot of it popping up!

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The Poppy Garden column midi skirt has a slit in the middle, not too high, and is quite fitted and flattering. I love the pattern – very strong floral game with poppies being the highlights, plus graphic elements in bright colours against a stone background.

Really fit for the beautiful Grand Bazaar, our first destination of the day.

I just love the little Poppy Garden bardot top. Loose, flowy and pretty, with an open back and cap sleeves. Very fresh.

This is a bardot tops, so all off the shoulders – my fave neckline EVER! However, I wore the elasticated sleeves over my shoulders in order to cover them, and like that they are pretty much cap sleeves.

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Flat sandals as are super bargain from Zara; for only £19.99, these leather sandals with only two thick straps – one at the front and one at the heel – are very comfortable and fresh.

Admittedly, although they offer decent support, they are not very cushiony, but they kept me going all day. Also, I know I’d enjoy this outfit more with sky-high platforms, but they are not very tourism friendly!

little_book_fashion_holiday1 (6 of 9)My good old Michael Kors bag went with me. I love the size on this one, is great for a weekend and the cross body strap offers better safety when you are a tourist. Having said that, I got my purse pinched from it on the tube in London.

The coord pieces are quite versatile; the skirt will easily go to work, with a vest or tee – loose or fitted. Add platforms and voilá! It would also be great on the beach with a bandeau or bikini top. It would also look great with Converses.

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As for the top, I love it so much that I even have a black one. It will go with a skirt – pencil for a more dressy look, short A-line or long for a more relaxed look – shorts or trousers. Add heels and you have a night out outfit; add flats or platforms and it’s easy day wear.

I know I will get a lot of wear from both pieces.

Sunglasses are Rayban Clubmaster and I wore MAC’s Toledo Barbecue lipstick – the perfect shade for sunny days. jewellery was kept to a minimum in the hot weather.

Istanbul is great. It’s bustling, the people are lovely, and that tiny little bit or Turkish blood I have really comes through; many a times locals would start speaking Turkish with me, and be a bit puzzled when I look baffled.

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The three days we spent there was nowhere near enough to explore the wonders if the city. We could’ve rushed through more, but I felt the history and culture runs so deep that is impossible just to give things a quick look.

Istanbul was always at the very top of my destinations as I love History, but for some reason, just happened now. It was everything I expected and more – it is so rich and fascinating that I would stay for days just roaming its streets.

Anyway… I will post a second look from the trip; keep your eyes peeled.

If you are jetting off soon, check out my post on in-flight beauty, where I share some tips on how to keep fresh, especially on long-haul flights.

See my second holiday outfit post.


Styling and posing: Dani Dutra

Photography: Andy Edwards

Location: Istanbul – Blue Mosque, Hagia Sophia, Grand Bazaar and Topikapi Palace

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