Friday Fixation: Fringes

fringesFringes have been with us for a while, and I always had a little penchant for them.

For me, is all about the movement; they are playful, great for dancing and just overall pretty.

I’ve been getting tangled with fringing for at least three years now, but it looks like they are coming super strong for AW15.

hm_fringed jacket

My current desire is a fringed suede jacket. I know. But I need it. Love this one from H&M, but at £199 it is a bit steep.

If you like fringes, but are a bit scared of looking like an extra out out of a John Wayne movie, you might want to invest in a handbag. I’ve spotted many around, for all pockets. topshop GERI fringed shows - blueWhy not on your shoes? I posted this gorgeous Topshop number this week (which I bought!) which is also available in black, for a more discreet experience.


I also got lovely booties from Zara, which will take me through the winter!


However, I have my eyes on this beauty from River Island. Who am I kidding? I will pop over my lunch break to try to find it.

Of course, I cannot forget my amazing pair of fringed boots from Schutz ❤

There. I said it. Fringing lovers of the world, unite!


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