Friday Fixation: The hun

olsentwins_hunBuns. I am a huge fan. Confusing. There are lots of types of buns, and I am, in general, a fan of the edible type. And why not, the derrière type too.

However, we are not here to talk about either. I love hair buns. In fact, one of the first posts on the blog was about ballerina buns.

Back to the hun. Erm, no, I am not calling you honey.

The new incarnation of the bun (or top knot) is in fact, called a hun. I explain. It is half a bun. A hun. Makes sense now, eh? margotrobbie_hun

So take that half a ponytail, which we all used a lot, bring a bit higher up in the head, twist it as if you don’t care and voilá: you have a hun.

I played with in the comfort own home quite a few weeks ago. And then again over the weekend. What bf said I looked like? Apart from unnecessary, is unpublishable, as this is a family blog.jenniferlopez_hun

Not really, but you get the gist. Starts with a d, ends with a head. Followed by: “are you going out like that?” Admittedly, it was quite a high one a la Jennifer Lopez.

So, my half-bun flopped in despair. Why not give it some love? You know by now how I feel about trends but, the problem here is, I quite like how it looks on me.

This look states the hair length but also sends out that messy bun “I don’t really care (but I do)” vibe. I like it.

There’s a beauty to it too. It is as flexible as a bun – wear it messy, low or high, of halfway pulled through the elastic, it’s great on long, short, straight or curly hair, with a pretty plait around or into it, with a parting or pulled back, works for braided hair.

Anything. Really. The list is endless.

Each blogging event I go, the huns are growing in number like gremlins at each one, to the point that if it keeps going at this rate, in a few weeks time EVERYONE WILL HAVE A HUN.

Maybe I’ll starting going off it before even being seen in public with my hun!

So I’ll share it here. I will wear it. Not with boyfriend though. Or maybe I will, just to prove I have huns of steel. No? Ok I’ll just stop now.

Hun therapy anyone?

Have you adopted the hun? Love it, hate it? Please tell me!


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