Dani’s Little Book of Fashion: Autumn in the countryside

lbf_countryside_autumn - 3If you know a little bit about me, you know I am not a country loving person. That is limited to not enjoying “long walks”, hiking and camping.

lbf_countryside_autumn - 14I do love nature and appreciate the beauty of the countryside. I love farms, picking my own fruit… in fact, when I was growing up, my uncle had a huge farm and when visiting I used to do the lot – collect eggs, round up cattle, horse-ride and much more – all bare-feet!

lbf_countryside_autumn - 4

Moving on to today, I have a look that, for me, screams transitional countryside style. This pretty dress is from Topshop, and I love its print and flared 3/4 sleeves.

It is very girly and I love it has some sexy, almost concealed lace up details on the side.

The look was complemented by a hat (from H&M, feature before) accompanied me, but really didn’t make much of an appearance, lovely New Look platform sandals (which I Β also wore before) and tights, to keep my pins warm-ish through this cold-ish end of summer.

lbf_countryside_autumn - 1

I am loving the very feminine shapes for the new season, and I love the colour palette in this one.

Although it is clearly not a summer dress, it is cheery in a muted way, ideal for making the transition into the new season.

I just wore my hair down. The fabulous Irresistible Me hair extensions give my hair that extra oomph and length. Makeup was very discreet with gold tones and a beautiful rose lipstick from GOSH.

This dress would look lovely with pumps, boots or even trainers. I recently wore it with a cropped cardigan to make it suitable for the office.

Although I love summer, I find easier to look elegant in the autumn and winter, so looking forward to creating more looks soon.

What are you looking for this season in terms of style?


Styling and posing: Dani Dutra

Photography: Andy Edwards

Location: Nunney Castle


3 thoughts on “Dani’s Little Book of Fashion: Autumn in the countryside

  1. Oh, my goodness Danni,,, YES !!!! you look oh, S0000 pretty as always to….me,, what a beautiful dress,,, & I do love how your platform heels look,, very nice,,, just *LOVE this type of post,,, oh,,, no…. now that summer is over for (me/Kelly) I am,, a little sad 😦 I was S0000 much liking wearing my sheer leggings with a over sized blouse &,,,,, I cant forget my (NEW) open toe clear color mule heels,,,,, I am * L O V I N G them S00000000 Much,,,& soon I will have to….stop !!!! wearing them 😦 😦 & I also will have to stop wearing my,,, kind-of short skirt too,,, after I shaved my legs & gave myself a Tan,,, from a can,,, spray-tan,,,,I just hope I can still be & dress still as a,,,, GLAM-GIRL,,,, I have come pretty far Dani,,,, 1 thing else that I am waiting for is….just a wig,,, not jus any wig,,, but a better/nicer wig then what I have been wearing,,, its nice,,,,,, but,,,, ? I know that there’s a much better 1 that is out there & I jus might-? be buying it by the weekend,,,, & then,,,,, yay !!!!! I can finely put a,,, picture up of: Kelly πŸ™‚ thanks pretty-lady/Dani for your post πŸ™‚

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