Nails of the week: pastel tie-dye

pastel tie-dye nails - somanylovelythings

For my nails I don’t really obey seasons – people go darker for autumn and winter, but I just wear whatever colour suits my mood… and that’s why I decided to go with a pastel tie-dye.

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Nails of the week: glittery lilac (Make Up Gallery Parma Violet)

Make Up Gallery Parma Violet nail polish

You know when you fall in love with a nail shade? Yeah, that. I fell for Make Up Gallery’s Parma Violet the moment I saw it on the display.

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Nails of the week: warm colour gradient

Yes, I am still obsessed by gradients. I just love them. So, I gave myself another one: a lovely yellow, orange and red, to go with my tropical mood, as I am on holidays in Brazil (hence the lack of posts).


I used the H&M bright yellow summer sunrise, Impala’s orange aleixo and one of my fave reds ever, Colorama’s 40 graus. I used the sponging technique and applied the gorgeous Nails Inc electric lane topcoat. Ended up with a good seven layers and a lovely heart nail tattoo on my ring finger, from SkinArt UK to finish off the design!

It lasted very well – eight days including pool days!

This mani lifted my spirits, it is cheerful and looks forward to the summer!




Nails of the week – blues and purples

blues and purples nails - somanylovelythings It had been quite sometime since I painted each nail one different colour, and I was certainly in the mood for this week.

I decided to go for blues and purples – I love purples on my nails, and one of the blues I used is one of my favourite nail colours ever!

I used Nails Inc Oxford (light blue), Nails Inc Cambridge (light lilac), Kiko 336 (royal blue), H&M Pale violet (purple) and Nails Inc Belgrave Place (darkest blue) and added the super pretty Nails Inc topcoat Electric Lane (another obsession of mine – so versatile and so pretty, a great investment , finishing it off with a cute star nail tattoo!

Really love the look! Application was smooth and easy, and durability is ace – 8 days, no chips.

blues and purples nails - somanylovelythings