Nails of the week: glittery lilac (Make Up Gallery Parma Violet)

Make Up Gallery Parma Violet nail polish

You know when you fall in love with a nail shade? Yeah, that. I fell for Make Up Gallery’s Parma Violet the moment I saw it on the display.

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Nails of the week – pink gradient

pink gradient nails - somanylovelythingsOh, how I love a good gradient. Relatively simple to do (it just requires a bit of patience!), gradients deliver great “value for money”. It is pretty, different and can be done with the cheapest, plainer nail polishes around. Love it.

I am totally in love with this weeks mani – it is girly and sparkly, totally gorgeous (even if I say so myself!)

I used a light pink from Kiko, number 376 candy pink, and a dark pink from Revlon, sweet tart. As usual for my gradient, I painted all nails plain white (Natural Collection nail tip whitener) and sponged the pinks after it was dry.

To finish it off, I applied one coat of the super gorgeous electric lane from Nails Inc, which gave it sparkles and an extra dimension with its holographic goodness.

Application was a bit long. I did the white base, let it dry for most of the day and sponged in the afternoon on a Sunday, it took three rounds of sponging. All together, counting base coats and top coats, I have eight (yes, you read it right!) EIGHT coats of nail polish on! However, durability is ace: I’m on the 8th day, no chips! What annoyed me this time is that there was an awful lot of excess polish under my nails and that was a pain to remove… Having said that, it was well worth it!

pink gradient nails - somanylovelythings

You will certainly see more gradients coming soon… watch this space!



Nails of the week – purple and glitter

Glitter. Things change but one thing remains: my love for glitter. Actually, it increases. I cannot get enough.  Sparkly sparkly – I definitely suffer from magpie syndrome.

This week I am wearing an amazing deep metallic purple nail polish from Kiko, 255, which is suspended with holographic silver glitter.

To make it even more sparkly, I added some gradual glitter – silver holographic, from Andrea Fulerton (yes, those little puffs are the gift that keep giving!).

And voilá – pretty, shiny, sparkly. Love it. Application was fine, a bit messy with glitter but not too bad. Durability was also great.

Sadly, it didn’t photograph as well as it looked; the first one is definitely the closest. I really tried and this is the best it came out… maybe next time!

purple nails with silver holographic glitter