Extra hydration: a touch of SkinCeuticals Hydrating B5

skinceauticals-hydrating-b5-review - 1What if you could give your skin an extra shot of hydration, with no oiliness, stickiness or that heavy feeling or layering up products?

SkinCeuticals Hydrating B5 fits the bill: thin, water-like fluid glides on the skin and is absorbed immediately, with quenching effects.

It can be used alone or to complement the moisturising routine. I use it both ways; I find that in the winter, it’s a lifesaver and in the summer, it helps hydrate deeper without being too much.

It is also great during the day, especially around the eye, a few dabs to break dryness caused by air conditioning.

skinceauticals-hydrating-b5-review - 2Vitamin B5 and hyaluronic acid are the main ingredients, for a smoother, suppler complexion.

Because its oil free it’s doesn’t clog pores, bring ideal for acne prone skin.

The vitamin B5 aids with tissue repair and hyaluronic acid helps bind moisture to the skin, providing lasting hydration.

I am a huge fan of additional hydration products that don’t weigh in the skin; as mentioned before, mine can’t take rich creams, but still craves that deep hydration, so layering is perfect for me.

skinceauticals-hydrating-b5-review - 3This product goes really well with another SkinCeuticals favourite of mine, the SkinCeuticals Blemish + Age Defense.

You can get the SkinCeuticauls Hydrating B5 from Dermacare Direct, and it costs £38.

Dermacare Direct also stocks a range of SkinCeuticals products and also other cosmeceuticals at great prices. They also count with handy advice to help you choose the best regime for you.


This post contains PR samples. This review, however, is based on my experience with the product and reflects my honest opinion on them.

Hydration powered by the grape: the new Caudalie Vinosource

caudalie-vinosource-pink-review - 1When Caudalie invited me for a pink night of cocktails and canapés to celebrate their new hydrating skincare range, I was very excited.

Caudalie has fabulous products and everything I try agrees with my skin; the new Vinosource skincare range.

There are four amazing new products, all in different shades of pink and harnessing the power of organic grape water, which contains antioxidant polyphenol and polysaccharides, to prove that life is, indeed, better in pink.

The moisturisers, which offer different levels to cater for hydration and finish needs.

caudalie-vinosource-pink-review - 4From the lighter pink, the Moisturizing Sorbet is perfect for dehydrated sensitive skin. It’s light in texture and melts upon contact, being absorbed in seconds.

Soothing, moisturising, protecting and strengthening, thanks to the grape water, Vinolevure, chamomile, polyphenols and aqua-regulating complex. Ideal for warmer days.

One of my favourites, the Moisturizing Mattifying Fluid combats shine. It has a fluid consistency, absorbs well and sits wonderfully under makeup, blotting, even in warmer climates (I took it to Brazil with me), and delivers a matte, velvety finish.

caudalie-vinosource-pink-review - 2Of course, it contains grape water, Vinolevure, Java tea leaves extracts, flax powder and Polyphenols. It is 92% natural ingredients, oil-free and does not cause acne, which is very important for me.

The Moisture Recovery Cream is smooth and soothing for skin to heal. I also took this one on holidays to help my skin overnight, as sun exposure is higher.

The fact it is delivers that extra care and is really light is a huge bonus for me, as my skin does not like rich creams.

Grape and borage oils, Vinolevure and Polyphenols make this one pack a punch. caudalie-vinosource-pink-review - 5

Finally, the Vinosource Riche Intense Moisture Rescue Cream. Although it says intense, I didn’t feel heavy, although thicker than the others. I like using this one at night.

It has a “bandage effect”. Confused? I’ll explain: it really does acts as a bandage to replenish lipids in the skin, immediately making it more comfortable, soft and supple.

Grape oil, chestnut extract, organic and fair trade shea butter, Vinolevure and Polyphonols work together to deliver all promises. Aand it’s 92% natural.

And addition to the range, not new, is the Grape Water (in pink, is special edition). Feels great on the skin; it is soothing, refreshing and moisturising.

The fine mist is suitable for all skin types, with no fragrance or preservatives, just 100% organic grape water. Perfect all year round, either to refresh in the summer or soothe in the winter. Better still, only £6 for 75ml.

Honestly, a range that is a joy to mix ad match. My skin thanks me (and Caudalie) for the pink love!

Each moisturiser costs £23 for 40ml and you can get them from the Caudalie website, shops (including the pretty Covent Garden store) and other online retailers. 


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This post contains PR samples. This review, however, is based on my experience with the product and reflects my honest opinion on them.




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