Shoe review: Julian Hakes Mojito

Julian Hakes Mojito shoes

One day, his architect mind wondered off to question why high heels needed a foot plate – and this was the beginning to the conception of the award-winning Mojito shoes by Julian Hakes.

I am a huge fan of shoes (I am sure you hadn’t noticed before!) and I really love the different – a twisted heel, an innovative design, and unusual feature, so there is no surprise I am a fan of the Mojito (especially when it takes it’s name from a fresh concoction of rum, lime and mint!).

When a pair of the classic black and pewter was kindly sent to me, I could examine the shoe and admire the design, which I did. It lived in my sitting room for a few days, to be looked at. Sadly it was a tad too big for my dainty size 4 feet. Of course that didn’t stop me from strutting my stuff on large double Mojitos around the house! And I found them rather comfortable – but again, they were quite big for me!

Julian Hakes Mojito shoes

They feel sturdy but are not too heavy, and offer amazing support even though they are hollow (engineering magic, don’t you now?).
I got a friend to try them on and she said they were a little bit stiff, but alright – she is not a high heel wearer, so it is hard to gauge whether the shoes are a bit uncomfortable or she was struggling with the height. I hear that they have added a new lining for extra comfort!

Mojitos come in a variety of colours and I am especially fond of the classic black, hot red and nude and chrome and fuchsia.
In all honesty, they are a work of art. Just beautiful. Although I will admit that from one or two angles it can look a bit odd, they wrap the feet in a very sexy way in most ways you look at it – I particularly like the side view.
You can browse all the fabulous colours at the Julian Hakes website and get your Mojito from Cloggs, JulesB, Soletrader and Javari. They are priced from £159.99.

13 thoughts on “Shoe review: Julian Hakes Mojito

    • In all honesty, I am just fascinated with the creative process behind these shoes – and yes, I share your love with the absence of a foot plate and the arches issue!
      Thanks for your visit and for taking the time to comment!
      Dani x


  1. I’m set on getting myself a pair of these. I’ve been doing some research on how they fit and comfort level. Most everywhere has said true to size, which has gotten me curious. If you don’t mind me asking,did they send you the proper size? I’m a US size 6 which sites have said the equivalent is UK size 4. I’m so excited to get these and want to try and get the right size on the first shot!
    Thank you so much for sharing! It’s helped my decision making immensely!


    • Hi Stephanie
      Aren’t they amazing? They didn’t send me the right size, but I tried my size 4 and the fit was quite right! I even have wide feet and it was fine. Quite comfortable, especially now with the new lining – it is more cushiony, not only at sole contact but also on the inside of the “straps”.
      They are hot! I’m excited for you!!!!! Let me know when you get them – what colour are you going for?
      thanks for visiting the blog and taking the time to comment.
      Dani x


  2. These are so hot and I love your blog. Just curious if there is any self-consciousness about having your sole exposed like that?


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