Dani’s Little Book of Fashion: Festival ready

festival fashion - somanylovelythingsAs summer approaches (really slowly it seems), so do all the various festivals – from Glasto to local, more intimate affairs, the UK has festivals for all tastes.

festival fashion - somanylovelythings

I am not one for camping, so festivals have always been danger territory for me. As a lover of comfort, it just doesn’t seem to cut it for me.

However, I decided to have a go lured by some delicious Innocent Smoothies and promises of an outdoor spa session by fabulous wood fire hot tub company Bathing Under the Sky.

festival fashion - somanylovelythingsI will talk about that and the Innocent Unplugged festival very soon in separate posts, but for now, I am talking about the most important bit: the outfit.

Ethereal, forest creatures have always been a little obsession of mine, and although I shunned dressing up for this one, i tried to embody it a little bit – so come in flowers and fluid shapes.

The star of this outfit it this long kimono, made with sheer fabric, beautiful flower printing and a star trend of the season: fringing. This is the third summer I buy a kimono. The very fist one, paisley with tons of fringes, I wore as a beach cover up only. Last year, I got a more silky version and wore on my day to day.

The kimono IS the outfit. It gives movement, colour and that summer vibe to it. Its length is a great cover up and at the same time it is feminine and delicate. For me, this will do field as well as beach – and why not, city. This one is from Primark and cost only £12. For me, a fashion version of fairy wings!

Underneath, I kept it simple with a black vest dress from H&M, which only cost £7.99. I opted for black as the weather is not quite there yet in terms of warmth and I wanted to balance the summeriness of my other piece. I also chose a hugging garment to balance the fluidity of the kimono.

As an option, for warmer times, I’d wear denim shorts and a bandeau top. And hell, why not a leotard? You can get away with it at festivals.

Also, I have to point out comfort was in my mind at all times – the vest dress is stretchy for moving and dancing and easy to manage when going to the toilet. The long kimono can just be tied up at the waist to be kept away from accidents.

festival fashion - somanylovelythings

I wore a black pair of ankle boots with chunky heels – old, comfortable and hard wearing. I opted for them only because I knew I was going for one day only and the weather was going to be mostly dry. This one is from H&M an cost £79.99 a while ago.

If it wasn’t for the combination of these two factors, I would wear my reliable wellies – my black Hunter boots would be the only pair travelling with me. If I were guaranteed warm, dry weather (haha), i’d go for flat sandals of even nice Havaianas flip flops.

festival fashion - somanylovelythingsJewellery was kept at my usual level – again, if I were to stay more days or if it was warmer, I’d wear less. I think a watch (in this case the beautiful Jord Sidney wood watch) is great as mobile charges are few and far between in festival occasions. Innocent threw an “unplugged” festival, so the watch was a (pretty) bare necessity.

The crowing glory is this gorgeous flower headband from Primark (£4). I love how the colours complement the kimono’s and really make the ensemble. Hair was down, naturally wavy, then turned into upside down piggy tail plats (which I pinned to the top of my head) for the spa session and would probably turn into princess Leia-esque side twirly buns if I were to stay other days. No joke!

I used some temporary tattoos from lottie London (Treasure Tats, £9.99), including a pretty star in the corner of my eye and on hands. I love body decorations and I think they are a must for festivals.

Makeup was kept light-ish (on my standards), with a toned down (less product quantity) version of my going out face (Hourglass Veil Primer, MAC Fortified Skin Enhancer, MAC Studio FIX Foundation and Powder, MAC bronzer and blusher, Makeup Revolution highlighter), simple eyes in silver/black tones and B Sweet lipstick in sherbet dip.

Again, if I were to stay a few days, I think a good tinted moisturiser, like the new one from Caudalie (with SPF 20) would be perfect, just set with some powder, and a bit of bronzer to look healthy. Eyes could do with some eyeliner and mascara only. Or the whole face with just a load of glitter and face paint! 😀

Sunglasses are a MUST – here I have my RayBan Clubmaster, a shape I really think is good for my face.

Sun protection came in the shape of Eucerin‘s Sun Fluid Mattifying SPF 30 underneath makeup and P20 once-a day sunscreen SPF20 on my body – super handy for full days outdoors.

What I really find great is the unrivaled opportunity festivals offer to be creative with your outfits – pretty much anything goes.

So don’t be shy – comfort is king and, arguably, the wackier the better – fun is the order of the day!

What is on your must-wear festival list?


Check out the previous Little Book of Fashion look: New romantic

Fashion styling, makeup and modelling: Dani Dutra

Photography: Andy Edwards

Location: St. Clere’s Estate Pinetum and Arboretum, Kent. Thanks to Innocent and Bathing Under the Sky for inviting me!

12 thoughts on “Dani’s Little Book of Fashion: Festival ready

    • Hi Alyaka
      I am glad you like it – I fell in love with the kimono, it doesn’t seem, but it is quite a versatile piece!
      I am totally in love with the wood watch – I hadn’t worn a watch for about 20 years, but I just love this one!
      Thanks for your lovely comment and visit.
      Dani x


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