Nails of the week: lemon and gold

yellow nails with gold heart stickerNever thought I’d use lemons and gold in the same sentence, but there you have. This is the best way to describe this manicure.

yellow nails with gold heart sticker

On the run up to Wimbledon, I bring you the namesake nail polish from Nails Inc. This sherbet yellow colour is an old time favourite and I absolutely love this colour. It is just lovely.

A very simple mani made cuter with a beautiful – actually, gorgeous – little gold heart stickers from the super cool jewellery designer Daisy Knights and they are available to purchase!

yellow nails with gold heart sticker

I picked this up at LFW, and they are in fact given as her business card, with lots of lovely nails stickers at the back. Be sure they will be making an appearance soon. I might even purchase other colours, it is only £5 for a sheet and there are available in black, white, silver and rose gold, apart from this gold one!

The hearts did last more than the 5 days mentioned on her site (I did have Seche Vite topcoat over it), so thumbs up.

littlebookfashion_colour_dove (30 of 30)

This mani was to complement my Dove Colour Confidence post, on which I wore a popping outfit in yellow and green.

Not only I found it adorable, but it was also super quick. Win-win!






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